Is your customer suffering from Computer Stress Syndrome? (I know I am.)

Need some help here! Photo courtesy of Flickr Commons

I’ve got a confession to make. I usually try to hide this from my more tech-sophisticated friends, but sitting at my home are two computers with mounting problems. And sitting next to them is an irritated wife who fumes over Internet connectivity issues and a son who tends to sob every time he tries to download a song and his iPod crashes. Sometimes he supplements those tears with a well-formed curse before the word “Dad.”

I’ve tried to track down and resolve these issues. I’ve spent tedious hours looking for helpful hints on Internet forums. But all my efforts have only ended in me deleting my PC’s audio driver and losing sound. (Please don’t ask me how.)

Americans love their glistening, data-munching machines and they celebrate that treasure trove called the Web. But at the same time, those much-beloved technologies are an unending source of stress.

A recent study by the Customer Experience Board says two-thirds of consumers have either experienced significant computer problems or contacted tech support last year. OK, I’ve done both. Furthermore, I join 78 percent of users who feel at least somewhat tech savvy, however that same group is afflicted with what one expert is calling “Computer Stress Syndrome.”

Despite all manufacturer efforts, computer technology is complex, prone to malfunction and even susceptible to “disease.” After all, connectivity means being exposed to the contagion of viruses and malware.

All that is enough to make a grown, supposedly practical fellow like me start pulling out my hair and weeping, when not dodging the angry glares of my family. Yes, I’ve got Computer Stress Syndrome and I’ve got it bad.

We consumers need help. And we often aren’t getting it from manufacturers and vendors. Microsoft, apparently hurting for revenue, tells those who want live help to get out their credit card. In fact, Forrester Research recently reported that only one major computer manufacturer has decent consumer ratings, nearing 80 percent “good” ratings, while other major producers barely achieve a majority of “OK” ratings. (Can you guess who scored the decent ratings?)

There’s a deep and growing gap in support, and that’s where all the tech wizards using GoToAssist Express and Corporate need to step in. To tell the truth, sometimes I feel like you guys and gals are the grease keeping civilization from coming to a big screeching halt and complete mental breakdown.

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