What Should SMBs Look for in an IT Support and Services Provider

Mobile support?

When do small businesses need to start thinking seriously about IT support and how should they locate a trusted IT provider? — those are the issues PCWorld explores in a new informative article.

Small businesses often can’t afford to invest in a dedicated IT technician. On the other hand, they can’t risk being bogged down by slow servers, losing data that isn’t backed up or enduring disruptions in their communication and information processing technologies.

Fortunately, says PCWorld, both cloud computing and out-of-office IT support and service providers can aid small businesses who can’t (or won’t) rely on in-house support.

Both SaaS solutions and external IT consultants lower the upfront costs, and both allow small businesses to focus on their strengths — the front-end business of getting a product to market and selling to prospective customers.

But IT consultants and managed service providers can do more for a business than just react to tech breakdowns and crises. They can recommend IT solutions that take into account the company’s budget constraints, and they can play a crucial role in creating scalable systems that will allow small companies to grow.

Smart SMBs, says PCWorld, are seeking a trusted IT help provider sooner, rather than later.

Finding a Trusted IT Consultant or Support Provider

But where should a small business owner find that crucial, trustworthy IT help?

PCWorld suggests a number of strategies — strategies MSPs and IT support providers should also be aware of as they hunt for new clients. First, PCWorld recommends that small business owners check online review sites like Yelp.com or AngiesList.com, which specializes in user ratings of construction and home repairs services but also has a section on “computer repair and services.”

In addition, companies that purchase significant amounts of computers and services from such electronic companies as HP or Dell should check the maker’s website for local partners or resellers that might also offer support services.

PCWorld also falls back on the always important word of mouth. They advise small business owners to ask business associates with similar IT needs where they find their support.

For further information on what small business owner and managers might be seeking when they want IT support, check out the full PCWorld article and also their foreboding, forthcoming story on “what to avoid in an IT professional.”

4 thoughts on “What Should SMBs Look for in an IT Support and Services Provider

  1. I really like the cloud computing options and remote support options that are around today. It is growing as we speak. What month of PCWorld talked about the strategies MSPs and IT support providers should also be aware of as they hunt for new clients? I need to find that one and give it a read. Thanks again for the information.

  2. I am also a IT consultant.I am totally agree with you that a Consultant can only increase the popularity of a company.And also I agree with you that It is difficult to find out a professional consultant.Again I thanks PC WORLD with you for helping small business holder to find good and professional consultant.

  3. Completely agree. The only thing I would add is that one of the biggest benefits to outsourcing your it support to a managed services provider is that it provides a scalable alternative to hiring a dedicated IT employee.

    What I mean is, small and medium businesses tend to be more sensitive to changes in supply and demand for their products or services, which often means that managing their cashflow is more challenging than for a larger organisation. MSPs (particularly ones that do not enforce contracts) allow these businesses to take some of the risk out of the technology aspect of their business.

    There are often also many cost advantages to leverage, whether through virtualisation (doing more with fewer servers) and the buying power MSPs can offer their clients (paying less for hardware and software)

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