Tips for the New Tech Support Pro – from PCWorld

 I stumbled across this article today by Keir Thomas and found it both relevant and entertaining.

You really should read the whole thing, but here are 5 tips discussed.

  1. Suggest the client get a cup of coffee: this whay they aren’t hovering over you while you try to do your work.
  2. Understand that even trivial issues have a massive impact: the story here is a good one so you should read it. Sadly, I’ve been there. Meaning, I once didn’t realize I had to actually unmute my audio to get sound (it was an embarassing moment but hasn’t happened since!). However, the one thing I can add is you don’t have drive 100 miles to figure this out, you can use that wonderful remote support product called GoToAssist 🙂
  3. Accept that clients don’t think like you: You are all super smart people and you know a lot about computers.
  4. Understand a computer is a personal object: Sad but true.
  5. Don’t fix things that don’t need fixing: Even though it takes quite a bit of restraint.

Any other tips you want to share?

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