Announcing FastChat — GoToAssist Corporate’s Newest Feature!

GoToAssist Corporate's Newest Feature

Speed, Speed, Speed

Modern consumers are united in opposing one thing. They disdain all time wasted in waiting.

When things go slow, hold-time mounts and boredom sets in like a terminal disease, consumers start taking things into their own two hands. They go proactive in a quest for enlightenment — launching Google searches, drilling into user forums and hitting the self-service boards.

The web-savvy, speed-addicted generation especially hate waiting for customer service. In fact, as the Harvard Business Review tells us, self-service is rapidly becoming the preferred option. Of course, customer contact centers know that two key issues driving up customer satisfaction is resolving issues and reducing waiting times.

For these reasons, GoToAssist® Corporate’s newest feature -– FastChat™ — is bound to please companies and consumers alike.

With FastChat, support organizations can instantly connect and communicate with customers in a chat interface. Since FastChat is web-based, the customer doesn’t download any software. Instead, they directly type their query into a web form located on the organization’s website.

Instant gratification is delivered with a few keyboard strokes and without many of the “transaction costs” associated with other remote support modes.

To learn more, please consult our fact sheet or talk to your account representative today.

3 thoughts on “Announcing FastChat — GoToAssist Corporate’s Newest Feature!

  1. We are a customer and we are implementing this on our website. I wanted to “fastchat” with your support group to discuss this, but you don’t have the product enabled for your own site.

    So here is my question:
    We use fastchat but wanted tighter integration with our website. Is there a page that has sample javascript with that informaton?

    • Hi Frank, glad to hear your company is integrating FastChat. I would like to set you up with our tech team to assist you with your integration. Your account rep will be contacting you shortly to set up a call. Thanks for reaching out! We’re listening.

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