Good Reads — Swanberg on How to Use the Cloud

SMB Cloud Priorities

Have you seen the latest blog articles by one of our favorite authors — Scott Swanburg? Swanburg works at Citrix Systems, the parent company of GoToAssist and Citrix Online, and he concisely lays out why SMBs are turning to the cloud.

It’s not just applications like GoToAssist remote support software, medium-size businesses are also migrating their IT infrastructure to the cloud. Swanburg says the top reasons include:

• Reduce Cap-ex on hardware and other systems
• Cut costs in general
• Add new capabilities not available with alternative methods
• Simplify and speed up implementation of business processes

Indeed, he says that the very title for CIOs is changing to reflect this idea of needed agility and innovation. CIOs are being renamed “Chief Innovator” or “Business Innovation Officer.”

Read his perspective on:
How do I use the Cloud? (Part 1),”
How do I use the Cloud? (Part 2)” and
Top Business Reasons to Move to the Cloud.”

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