Won’t You Be Our IT friend on Facebook?

Share your IT insights on Facebook

Yes, come visit us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/GoToAssist !

We need your insights about IT and tech, and you’d probably like an outlet to voice your opinions (and annoyances) with what’s going on in the always evolving IT world.

Not to mention, I’m sure you are dying to know what club I was at last night, and how I danced and partied like it was 1999. And I guess you can’t live without reading what are my top-10, most-favorite apps. And maybe you will just stop breathing if you haven’t read the latest sizzling words on my new girlfriend.


No, you won’t find any personal drivel on the GoToAssist Facebook page. Instead, connect with the GoToAssist team and voice your views about remote support and GoToAssist. The team is ready to offer industry insights, best practices and well maybe just as a wee bit of dirt on their latest party antics.

So, come and talk shop on our Wall!

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