A big “Thank You” to our customers!

Frost & Sullivan honors Citrix Online with the 2010 Best Practices Award as Market Leader in Remote Support.

Frost & Sullivan 2010 Best Practices Award
What does that mean?  GoToAssist Remote Support is #1. Well, we say it’s our customers who are number one for utilizing our market-leading remote support tools each and every day, so Thank You! We know you have other options but you choose us.

 Frost & Sullivan presents this Award to companies who demonstrate excellence in capturing the highest market share within their industry while maintaining four key performance factors:

  • Factor 1 – Success of the remote support solution
  • Factor 2 – Global acceptance
  • Factor 3 – Resilience in a competitive environment
  • Factor 4- Innovation for the future

Frost & Sullivan believes that Citrix Online has achieved the market leadership position through sound strategy and excellent implementation and delivery of their solutions. Here’s a quote from the Frost & Sullivan report: “Citrix Online’s GoToAssist solution has found favor with users, for both internal and external support. The company’s offerings are designed to be simple to use, secure, cost-effective and reliable.”

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Keep on providing excellent support to your customers and using GoToAssist!

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