Winning Big at HDI Expo in Vegas

Sure Winnings at HDI. Photo courtesy of Tenaciousme at flickr.

Just returned from gaudy and glamorous Las Vegas and the excellent Help Desk Institute (HDI) conference. I may have lost more than my fair share of chips at the blackjack table sometime between midnight and 3 AM, but HDI delivered a jackpot of a conference.

The presentations were top notch. Usually, I was being entertained and educated by a seasoned pro in the service and support business.

One thing that the HDI speakers made crystal clear was that customer support and help desks are evolving fast. They are speeding to meet the challenge of social media and web-savvy customers searching for quick answers, even as web-based tools (dare I say cloud?) help lower the costs of support and enhance productivity. Self-service, web chat, automation and outsourcing were some of the winning cards being dealt in the ritzy Venetian Hotel and Casino, which played host to the conference.

Indeed, next to presentations on metrics and team leadership, sessions on “integrating chat” and utilizing social media were among the top 10 most popular this year.

Hey, it was also great to meet so many GoToAssist and GoToManage users at our Citrix Online booth. Sure, some of you were interested in our deluxe schwag, but quite a few spoke to us about the challenges of support and how well our tools performed. And yes, just in case you are wondering, we HAVE immortalized a few of you on our Facebook page. Take a peek.

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