Crunch Time as Tax Deadline Looms

Inspiring nightmares everywhere. Photo courtesy of John_Morgan at flickr.

Dom da dom dom. The final day is approaching—the final tax submission day that is. In case it’s dropped off your radar, taxes are due Monday.

Yes, it’s crunch time for just about everyone – accountants, businesses and average Joe and Jane citizens. It‘s also crunch time for the firms that manufacture, install and support tax software.

One such company is CCH, a business unit within Wolters Kluwer. CCH offers about 30 software solutions to accounting firms and corporate tax departments. Their software support team works out of Wichita, Kansas, smack dab in the middle of the country, and it really gets busy about now. CCH’s 200 full-time tech and accounting representatives are joined by another 200 temporary workers in tax season.

By mid-April, pressures and temperatures start rising. Customers call demanding help fast. Luckily, CCH is able to react quickly, delivering speedy solutions while enhancing its productivity by using GoToAssist.

Read the CCH case study here. Now, if there was only such an easy, effective solution to my truly scary tax bill. Ouch.

2 thoughts on “Crunch Time as Tax Deadline Looms

  1. As an accountant in Australia, it seems that things are not that much different. Our deadline is October 31 and each year I go through the ritual of contacting clients who still have not lodged their tax returns. the interesting thing is that they stand to receive an average of AUD1000 back from the tax office. 🙂

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