Free Remote Support Apps – GoToAssist for Android & GoToAssist for iPad

GoToAssist for iPad & GoToAssist for Android –  Available Now!

Citrix Online Services division now has two “Free” Remote Support apps: GoToAssist for iPad® and GoToAssist for Android. 

The GoToAssist for Android can be downloaded from Google Play and GoToAssist for iPad is available for download on the App Store and iTunes – and both are FREE. 

Go Mobile with GoToAssist Apps

Quickly and easily deliver unlimited live technical support — for free directly from your Android or iPad mobile device!  These mobile apps are perfect for the busy IT professional and anyone who needs to provide technical support. You and your team gain the freedom to provide instant support from anywhere, at any time.

Subscribe to GoToAssist Remote Support and gain access to the full-featured app to deliver advanced technical support. With the full-featured app, you can connect to unattended machines or servers. In addition, you can provide support from your desktop and use GoToAssist’s robust web interface, as well as perform remote diagnostics, file transfer, in-session chat, in-session notes, session reporting and more. Select the plan that best fits your needs to access to all the app’s great features. 

Using the GoToAssist Remote Support mobile apps, you can:

  • Provide unlimited live remote support sessions from anywhere.  
  • View and control your customers’ Macs or PCs from your iPad.  
  • Enjoy intuitive touch and gesture controls and 300% zoom. 
  • Use the full keyboard, including Alt, Ctrl and Tab keys.

Get Started Today!

59 thoughts on “Free Remote Support Apps – GoToAssist for Android & GoToAssist for iPad

  1. This week saw stats from Kantar WorldPanel Comtech on UK Smartphone share for those interested in the ongoing struggle for market share between Apple and Android. For what it’s worth, the stats show Android with 38% (up from 8% in the same period last year) of the UK Smartphone market versus Apple with 23%. This covers handset sales for the 12 weeks ending February 20th 2011.

    Please release an android version of this you apple fanboys, do the maths android 38% of the market apple 23% why do companies like you always make iphones a priority when most iphone users wouldnt know how to switch on a kettle, i mean they use phones you cant actually make calls on.

  2. ignore my last comment, well sort of, i see the apps for ipad not iphone (same thing though really, struggle with calls on both), you could still release an android version, I can remote desktop from my android phone no problem at all with a client called 2x, come on citrix release a android version, android tabs will be flooding the market soon anyway, id love to be able to support my customers using my android phone!!!!!

  3. I just received an email ad touting the iPad app, yet Citrix can’t make the promised upgrades to GoToAssist to allow Mac users the same tools in the Windows version! Can someone tell me why this is?

    • It’s not available for GoToAssist Corporate accounts at this time. For now, just create your Free Mobile Account with GoToManage and then download the iPad and begin providing remote support directly from your iPad.

  4. Android Please!! I am having to use other free alternatives while my company pays for Citix on my Xoom! I wish I could get to my unattended computers.

  5. I favor the release of useful apps on the leading smartphone/tablet platforms. The value proposition of the app is its usefulness (in this case remote IT support), not how fancy it can be for a given unique platform.

  6. Any word on Android? WIth the Kindle Fire being $199, I am thinking I might finally break down and buy a tablet. I know you are working on it, but howsabout an ETA? Leo Laporte has mentioned on the Security Now podcast that something big is coming for GotoAssist, how about a hint? I have been using GotoAssist Express for a while now, love it, but tablet support for Android is the big thing that is missing now.

  7. Pingback: thank you :D

  8. I Love GotoManage (gotoassist). Please give us an Android App. Most of the IT community uses Android, most home users use the iPad. Is your target audience IT professionals or home users? There might be more ipads in the market right now but the ipad sales numbers are dropping fast compared to Android (Android outsold ipad last quarter). Please release an Android app before the IT community is forced to use a different product.

  9. Any chance of an iPhone app? I do some 24/7 support and sometimes I just need to login and reboot a server, I use the iPhone app with one of your competitors but this is the only thing keeping me with them.

    • Hi RT, thank you for your comment. We currently have an iPad and Android remote support app available. At this time, we do not have a remote support iPhone app. We will let you know when an iPhone app is available.

      • Web UI does not work from the iPhone using Safari. I use my iPhone for remote support very frequently (with competitor product also – probably same one as RT uses) when I’m out in the field. It’s faster for quick and easy things instead of breaking out the laptop. I would love to switch over to GoToAssist on all my customer computers but until an iPhone app is developed I have to continue using competitor product.

      • We currently have an iPad and Android remote support app available. At this time, we do not have a remote support iPhone app. We will let you know when we have an iPhone app available.

  10. Anything more specific in an iPhone app? Is it being worked on, or is it still just conceptual? I too am having to use a competitor’s product from my iPhone.

    • We are working on several new mobile device support features for both providing support from and delivering support to mobile devices. Look for these new features sometime in mid 2013.

  11. +1 for the iPhone app. Carrying around an iPad is almost as bad as carrying around a small laptop, but I ALWAYS have my phone on me and it would be great to be able to use GotoAssist. I use it for RDP, CItrix XenApp and several other remote access technologies when in a pinch.

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