A Match Made in Heaven? #1 Remote Support + #1 CRM

#1 CRM Tool + #1 Support Tool

Citrix Online Services division is very proud to announce the happy union of GoToAssist Corporate with Saleforce, the leading CRM solution.

Now support representatives everywhere can launch support sessions right from their favorite CRM service. With the GoToAssist Corporate for Salesforce app, you can start a GoToAssist support session with just one-click from your Saleforce case record. In addition, all session details are automatically captured as Activity History in Salesforce.

The free GoToAssist Corporate for Salesforce app is available for your test driving and deployment at the Salesforce AppExchange.

Key benefits:
• Streamline support operations
• Deliver quick, seamless remote support
• Eliminate duplicate data entry – remote-support session log and survey results are automatically saved in Case Activity History

On-Demand Webinar: Watch Demo of GoToAssist Corporate for Salesforce

To learn more, download the fact sheet or watch a special recorded webinar with GoToAssist product line director Barry Dacus. Barry demos GoToAssist Corporate for Salesforce and answers the audience’s questions in a lively Q and A.

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