Remoting with the Folks — Useful Tools

Conquering the tech generation gap. Photo courtesy of Ollie Crafoord at flickr.

By Niklas Edlinger

I’ve recently made a pretty useful remote support discovery. Despite the fact that my elderly parents are eager to join the computer world (hello Facebook), they aren’t quite the best at navigating computer problems when they arise.

In the past, I’ve tried talking them through issues over the phone (or worse yet, email), which as anyone who has tried knows, is no easy feat.

“My Word has an extra page I can’t get rid of.”

“Have you tried scrolling as far down as you can and then holding backspace?”

“Of course I’ve tried that – the page is still there!”

And so on. I’m always happy to help when I can, but boy can it be frustrating. That’s when I realized remote support is for more than just professionals. One URL and a couple clicks later, I’m viewing their screen, solving the problem painlessly. It’s almost too convenient – soon they won’t even try to figure it out themselves, and that worries me and my free time.

Reuters just published an article on a group of elderly Japanese who formed their own IT support group, called “Computer Grandmas.” That sounds like a fantastic idea to me. I might have to leave that page open on my parents’ screen the next time I remote in.

Google too recognizes the looming tech knowledge gap between us and our elders. They’ve taken a stab at solving it with these easy self-help videos, and they’ve made it fun to send one to Ma or Pa.

Who knows, maybe someday, my mom will be schooling me in the complexities of IT.

5 thoughts on “Remoting with the Folks — Useful Tools

  1. After a successful experience with one of your associates, I tried to fill out the evaluation report at the end of the session and kept getting an message of “trouble with the server, try again later”. I kept trying to give my opinion and kept getting the same error message. After a while later, I tried again and was informed that the reply had to be made within 20 minutes. I just wanted to state that I was very pleased with the service given to me and that the technician was very professional and informative. I feel he is an asset to your company and should be recognized for his good work. I am very sorry I did not get the techs name, but you may contact me to get information that may identify the gentleman. Thank You.

    • Thank you for your honest comment John – we appreciate all feedback…..OK EVERYONE!

      If you could pick out a GoToAssist or GoToAssist Corporate Support URL – What would it be? Give us some ideas….

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