Webinar: Drive Customer Satisfaction Up and Costs Down

Most support managers are expected to maintain or improve C-SAT scores while reducing expenses. In other words, “do more with less.” This may appear to be impossible – but there actually is a way to achieve both goals.

Join this live webinar with Dave Brown, founder and president of Support Center University, as he shares proven methods that will drive your support organization’s performance to new levels while lowering costs.

Dave will detail industry benchmarking data that shows how customer satisfaction is impacted by specific performance factors. These same factors are the key drivers of cost.

Date: Wednesday, September 28

Time: 10 AM (PDT) / 1 PM (EDT)

During this interactive webinar, you’ll discover:

• The relationship between “time to resolution” and C-SAT
• Why efficiency metrics must be considered together, not separately
• Improvement techniques that maximize benefits to your organization

One thought on “Webinar: Drive Customer Satisfaction Up and Costs Down

  1. Just found your GoToManage app in the Apple Store. Knowing about GoToMeeting I checked it out and found out about GoToAssist Express. The one day pricing plan is exactly what I have been saying is needed. For those of us who have to support older (and less technically savy) relatives, this is ideal.
    Great Job! I am so excited to be able to use this.

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