GoToAssist Express is now powered by GoToManage!

Have you noticed our exciting new changes? We are rolling out a new release ‒ GoToAssist Express users now have the ability to remotely turn on their unattended machines with the new Wake-on-LAN feature. In addition, GoToAssist Express is now powered by GoToManage®. You will notice updated GoToManage branding when launching a remote support session and at Your product experience remains exactly the same ‒ simply continue to log in with your current GoToAssist Express credentials. Your plan details and billing will stay the same too.

We have taken this step because the GoToManage platform gives us the ability to more rapidly roll out new features (e.g. Wake-on-LAN and support from your iPad®), which benefits both GoToAssist Express and GoToManage customers. You will continue to see us accelerate the rollout of new functionality over the next few months because of this.

BTW, have you checked out GoToManage? We’ve taken everything you love about GoToAssist Express and poured it into GoToManage Remote Support. All the features you’re used to and more:

  • Shared team-based access to unattended machines
  • Multi-site support to manage all of your sites or clients from one account
  • Administration center ‒ assign access rights to technicians and use permissions
  • Integrated monitoring module (optional)

And as a valued customer, you will soon have the opportunity to take advantage of all the added remote support functionality that GoToManage has to offer at no additional cost to what you are currently paying for GoToAssist Express.  Look for additional communications about this in the coming months. 


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