2011 almost done. Phew!!

Surmounting IT challenges with Citrix solutionsThe year was a big one for us here at Citrix Online. How about for you? What were your IT and support challenges and accomplishments for the year?

We were sure busy. We rolled out our new website and pushed our integration of fast tech support and 24/7 IT monitoring in GoToManage. Delivered on a free GoToAssist Express iPad app that’s a crowd pleaser. Issued a new app integrating Salesforce, the leading CRM solution, with GoToAssist Corporate. We upgraded GoToAssist Express with a beta version of unattended access to Mac® computers. And, we expanded GoToAssist Corporate with new functionality to support mobile devices.

However, before we dive into 2012, we thought we all ought to take a few moments to reflect, relax and laugh. To help you, here’s some amusing videos thought up by witty and prolific IT blogger Brian Madden. Enjoy!

Best wishes for 2012 from the GoToAssist crew.

2 thoughts on “2011 almost done. Phew!!

  1. Much obliged. 2012 should deliver more exciting developments in the IT business. What do you foresee for this year?

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