The New Job of IT: Supporting Mobile Work

Everyone’s mobile, everyone’s wireless and everyone’s device is different. And most business professionals typically use at least three – a smartphone, tablet and desktop or laptop. This is the new world of mobile work!

But what about IT? For too long, IT pros have been chained to their desktops and stuck in the office, needing to stay connected and ready to deliver tech support at a moment’s notice.

Not anymore!

On May 9, 2012, at Citrix Synergy, the conference where mobile work styles and cloud services meet, Citrix GoToAssist unveiled its newest mobile app: GoToAssist for Android. With this new app, IT technicians can deliver remote support from anywhere at any time.

Now IT departments can also enjoy the freedom and flexibility of mobile work.

Available on Google Play, GoToAssist for Android gives IT professionals the freedom to be on the go yet always able to respond to customers’ or employees’ technical issues.

More good news: GoToAssist for Android is offered as a freemium service. So, IT techs (and anyone else) can use GoToAssist free of charge to quickly and easily deliver unlimited live technical help from anywhere.

For those needing to deliver advanced technical support, GoToAssist also offers a more robust full-featured app. Subscribe to GoToAssist Remote Support and use the full-featured app to connect anytime to unattended machines or servers. In addition, IT technicians can provide support from their desktops and access GoToAssist’s robust web interface, as well as perform remote diagnostics, file transfer, in-session chat, in-session notes, session reporting and more.

With GoToAssist for Android, today’s mobile IT professionals can enjoy all the ease, speed and dependability of GoToAssist, the preferred remote support tool among IT, along with the convenience of mobility.

Begin using the new GoToAssist for Android today!

Here’s how to get started in 3 simple steps:

1. Download GoToAssist for Android from Google Play and install it on your tablet.

2. If you are new to GoToAssist, click “Create a Free Account” to set up your account, then log in. Customers with a current GoToAssist Remote Support service, simply log in when prompted.

3. After login, tap on the tablet screen to create a support session when instructed. Tell your user to go to and enter the 9-digit session ID or send them an invitation to connect via email. When your user accepts the connection, you can begin to provide remote support directly from your Android device.

Try the full-featured app with a FREE 30-day GoToAssist Trial Subscription today to experience the full power of GoToAssist Remote Support, including access to unattended computers and servers and more.

Do you need a remote support app for your iPad? No worries, we have that available, too. Check out our GoToAssist app for iPad available on the App Store (be sure to set up your free account first).


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