Supporting Mobile Devices with New Tools from GoToAssist

Support iPad & iPhone Users and their mobile devices

Believe it or not, by the end of 2012 the number of mobile devices will exceed the world’s population of almost 7 billion people, says We know everyone’s mobile, everyone’s wireless and everyone’s device is different. From smartphones to tablets and laptops, mobile devices have simply become a pervasive business necessity. They are the tools we can’t live without.

My first thought is: who is going to support all these mobile devices? OK, IT managers, directors and VPs. Probably someone from your team. So today, I dedicate this post to you and all the tech wizards whose job it is to keep mobile devices up and running.

Mobile Device Support is something you probably perform on a daily basis, and Citrix understands that all too well. We face those same challenges. That’s why we recently introduced the ability to provide support to iPad and iPhone users and their mobile devices.

Yes, your technicians can conduct secure chat sessions, update profiles and configure device settings directly from the GoToAssist Remote Support web UI, system tray or from an iPad or Android device. GoToAssist, the market leader in remote support, delivers cloud-based tools to help IT professionals support people and machines.

The GoToAssist Remote Support service newest feature, Mobile Device Support for iOS, enables IT pros to proactively assist end users on iOS devices via mobile optimized chat. Technicians can also share profiles that they have created with the iPhone Configuration Utility to troubleshoot problems and set business policies.

Mobile Device Support for iOS capabilities:

  • End-user web chat optimized for receiving support on a mobile device.
  • End-users can also capture their iPhone (iOS 6+) screenshots and share them with their technician via chat.
  • IT can share device configuration profiles directly with end users.
  • Integrates with iPhone configuration utility.
  • IT admins can specify each shared configuration profile’s “time to live.”
  • Profiles can be shared directly via mobile chat.

GoToAssist’s mobile optimized chat combined with the ability to share profiles enhances IT’s ability to support iOS devices and improves end-user satisfaction.

And don’t forget, your technicians also have the ability to deliver support from anywhere using an iPad or Android mobile device. This is great for the support from use case, where techs can instantly connect to computers and solve clients’ technical issues directly from their iPad or Android mobile device (and best of all, these two apps are  free). Access unattended machines and providing advanced remote support does require a paid subscription.

Not a current subscriber of GoToAssist Remote Support, Service Desk and IT Monitoring? Try it out today – FREE for 30 days.

5 thoughts on “Supporting Mobile Devices with New Tools from GoToAssist

  1. great..
    I’ve a plan to buy this one ipad.
    1. any refence of honest review of this one?
    2. Is this new ipad still made in china?
    3. Is this new ipad worth to be owned?



    • If you currently have a GoToAssist account/subscription, all you need to do is download the GoToAssist for iPad app from the App Store and simply log in with your account credentials. If you do not have a current GoToAssist account/subscription, then you will need to create your Free Account first, then download the app and log in.

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