GoToAssist Continues to Change the Game for IT Professionals

Over the past few months our GoToAssist engineers have been very busy delivering many new features, and they’re not stopping anytime soon.  Today, we are announcing another new feature available with our market-leading GoToAssist Remote Support service: Session Recording. 

Session Recording gives you the ability to record active support sessions, capturing the details from the remote support session and any chat that takes place. This selectable feature is ideal for auditing and training purposes and allows supervisors to monitor technician effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Key facts about Session Recording

  • Administrators can enable recording sessions to ensure company compliance and customer satisfaction.
  • Server-side storage architecture means recording is available on all supported operating systems.
  • MPEG-4 format ensures compatibility with most media players.
  • Recordings are available online for 90 days and can be downloaded at any point and kept as long as needed.

To use session recording, GoToAssist customers can enable or disable the feature directly from the Admin Center under GoToAssist Settings and enable session recording. View step-by-step instructions in the GoToAssist release notes.

GoToAssist changes the game for IT professionals

The explosion of devices, applications and mobile employees has certainly expanded the role of IT. IT departments are tasked with keeping networks up and running, enabling worker productivity and delivering  support wherever, whenever and however it’s required. Meeting this higher standard calls for a new generation of support technologies from a trusted vendor (and we’re here to help!). 

As support becomes more strategic within organizations, everyday challenges faced in IT departments will increase. Technology solutions delivered via the cloud, like GoToAssist with its expanded set of integrated tools (Remote Support and Monitoring), help make the job of IT much easier.  SMBs are beginning to demand integrated and affordable alternative solutions to multiple single-purpose management tools. Integrated essential tools are becoming very important. To be most effective, IT needs to be able to support both people and technology and collaborate in a team-based environment. With the right integrated set of cloud-based support tools, provided by a trusted vendor, IT is rising to the occasion and helping organizations succeed and thrive in the cloud era.

GoToAssist continues to deliver remote support and IT services tools to help you manage everything IT. GoToAssist cloud-based tools give you total control of your IT world. It’s easy to keep all your systems up and running and to provide instant support to all your people and devices using one platform.

Did you know about these other recently released features?

  1. Free GoToAssist remote support app for Android – Available on Google Play.
  2. Updated version of the free GoToAssist app for iPad – Available on the App Store.
  3. Ability to support iOS mobile devices – Provide support to iPad and iPhone users on their mobile devices. Conduct secure chat sessions, update profiles and configure device settings.
  4. Customer-Initiated Support – Let your customers request help via Chat directly from your website, support site or mobile devices (iOS & Android). If the support issue requires more complex assistance, seamlessly escalate the session to full Screen Sharing of PCs and Macs.

 Not using GoToAssist yet? Try it free today.

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