Deliver Tech Support to Android Devices with GoToAssist Corporate

Full screen-sharing & remote control with GoToAssist Corporate

Do you ever wonder exactly how many Android devices have been manufactured? If you’re responsible for providing support to these mobile devices, I’m sure you would be fascinated to know that more than half a billion Android devices have been activated. Yes, and according to Google, 1.3 million new ones arrive each and every day.

With that many Android devices inundating the globe, support technicians sure could use an easy, efficient solution to remotely access and control them.

Well, Citrix has good news to announce! GoToAssist Corporate’s newest remote support app for Samsung Android mobile devices is available now. It enables businesses using our remote support service to deliver full screen-sharing and remote control of Samsung mobile devices with OS versions 2.3.x, 4.0.x and 4.1.x  ‒ just as if the device were in the technician’s hands.

Our newest remote support app is available for download directly from Google Play. Support organizations can now expand their service offerings by providing instant assistance to mobile users, using remote control and screen sharing to resolve technical problems, perform system diagnostics and chat. Use our new remote support app to ensure that one of the most critical and indispensable business tools — mobile devices — are kept up-and-running 24/7 in your organization.

How does the remote support app work?

Companies who subscribe to the GoToAssist Corporate remote support service can instruct their customers or employees to download the GoToAssist Corporate (ICS) app from Google Play onto their mobile device. Then support representatives generate and send a Connection Code to the mobile device user, and they are instantly connected via the remote support service.

The support rep can request system diagnostics, chat or take control of the device to change settings, set up email or perform other troubleshooting tasks to resolve technical issues. All the while, the support rep sees the user’s phone screen in real time on his/her own computer screen, making support much quicker and easier. All the logs and screen activity are stored for each support session.

Support features include:

•     Remote control With the customer’s permission, a support representative can remotely take control of the end user’s Samsung mobile device to provide service.

•     Screen Sharing Provides a full real-time view of the Samsung mobile device screen and allows remote keyboard and gesture control.

•     System Diagnostics One-click retrieval of key system diagnostics. Instantly view device information such as OS, memory stats, applications, SIM card, etc.

•     Live Chat Chat in real time with end user instead of staying on the phone.

•     Multiple Sessions Representatives can simultaneously support up to 8 customers at a time, including both mobile and PC and Mac users.

•     Team Collaboration Invite additional experts to collaborate in a single support session or transfer a session. Invited reps can be visible or invisible to the end user.

•     Management Center Administration controls, dashboards and reports let you take charge of your support operations to elevate productivity and customer satisfaction.

•     Manager Silent Monitoring Managers can silently observe live remote sessions in progress to elevate agent performance.

•     Session Recording Archived sessions can be used for evaluation or training, and enable compliance with government and industry regulations.

What are the mobile device requirements?

The GoToAssist Corporate (ICS) app allows subscribers with GoToAssist Corporate accounts to provide full remote control support of Samsung devices running Android OS versions 2.3.x, 4.0.x and 4.1.x

Need to support other Android mobile devices? 

Remote diagnostics and chat are available for non-Samsung Android devices using our other Android remote support app.

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