Ho-ho-ho! How is your IT pro like Saint Nick?

by Katelyn de Diego

By now you’ve probably created your wish lists and sent them to the boss with a note about how good you’ve been all year.

Cookies accepted gladly. Photo courtesy of flickr and somegeekintn

Cookies accepted gladly. Photo courtesy of flickr and somegeekintn

I’m talking about your IT wish list, of course – the one that lists the technology you want in the new year. What list did you think I was talking about?

Now that you mention it, I guess there are some similarities between IT pros and jolly ol’ Saint Nick. Besides their affinity for neck beards and wearing the same thing every day, both Santa and IT pros have a bit of magic about them.

Here are some other ways your IT pro is just like Saint Nick.

  • They know if you’ve been naughty or nice. Better hide those illegally downloaded TV shows on your desktop and run your anti-virus software, because your pro has a IT monitoring tool with customized alerts and Santa Claus is coming to town.
  • They’re used to squeezing into tight spaces. Your IT pro feels right at home sliding under your desk where they can access the wires and ports needed to get the job done. But Santa wins this one, because he sneaks down the chimney while you’re sleeping, avoiding any awkward small talk about your weekend and holiday plans.
  • Both are lead by bright lights. Your IT pro knows there’s a problem when red lights shine on their diagnostic dashboards, and Santa has Rudolph’s nose to lead the way.
  • They are the kings of their respective domains. Everyone knows humans aren’t allowed in the North Pole (except for the Buddy the elf), and don’t you dare enter the server room.
  • They always get the job done just in the nick of time. It’s amazing what Santa accomplishes in one night each year, always delivering just before the sun comes up, just like your IT pro, who gets your PC, Mac or mobile device back in action right before your important meeting or deadline!
  • You kind of forget about both until certain times of the workday and year.
  • Both are great gift givers, especially when it comes to tech gifts.
  • They’re used to working on holidays.
  • Both accept cookies as thanks for their hard work (but wouldn’t mind stock options for a change.)
  • They zip around the world at superhuman speeds. Your IT pro wins this one, because while Santa makes his way around the world in a single night, your IT pro is solving problems all over the globe from the comfort of their home (or anywhere else) thanks to GoToAssist.

How else is your IT pro like Saint Nick?

Thanks to Spiceworks users, Don Whitehead, The Data Master, Nic, Bermanistan, Glenn3837, JerryPerk, Ashbot 2.0, Bob 169, C_J and others for contributing ideas for this blog post.

Be magical like Santa with remote support from GoToAssist. Start your free 30-day trial just in time for the holidays. To learn more, download the white paper Anatomy of Support Desk 2.0.

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