Kaepernick vs. Flacco: Who Are You Most Like?

By Brian deHaaff, Senior Product Line Director, IT Support, Citrix

The Super Bowl quarterback – the team leader, field general, the face of the franchise – it’s only natural to compare these gridiron heroes to other leaders. And come Sunday, I know that I will be closely watching which quarterback makes the biggest plays. My guess is that so will you.

Super Bowl quarterbacks often have a lot in common: they’re confident, competitive, accurate, aware and able to execute under pressure. Their performance on game day always greatly impacts the final numbers on the scoreboard. And while team successes are shared, team failures often rest on their shoulders.

Sound familiar? That’s probably because as an IT pro you showcase a lot of the same characteristics while running the plays on your turf – the IT network and the cloud.

Raven's Rally at Baltimore. Photo courtesy of MDGovPics on Flickr

Raven’s Rally at Baltimore. Photo courtesy of MDGovPics on Flickr

But just like there are different management styles, there are different winning QB characteristics too.

Just look at this year’s Super Bowl QBs, Colin Kaepernick and Joe Flacco. One is a “new bread” type QB in just his second year in the NFL, the other a seasoned veteran with a more traditional approach to playing the game and a cannon for an arm. They may both lead high performance teams, but their leadership styles are quite different.

If you’re curious which Super Bowl QB to emulate as an IT guy or gal, we’ve compiled a list of distinguishing traits that Kaepernick and Flacco may share with you – the guys and gals in charge of keeping the company network up and employee devices running smoothly.

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick

Kaepernick-like IT pros…

Pave the way for the future. If you moved the company systems into the cloud and supported employee personal devices before you bought your first iPad, chances are you’re a Kaepernick-type IT pro. Young, brash and looking to shake things up, you see what’s happening before something breaks, while Kaepernick runs the ball down the field himself when his protection breaks down. Together, you’re creating a new normal of fearless action.

Take (calculated) risks. Confidence goes a long way when deciding to take risks, and both you and Kaepernick aren’t afraid of trying something new, like testing a new play in the last minutes of a game or implementing a new technology before a company conference. Poised and confident, we can trust you and Kaepernick to execute successfully.

Joe Flacco

Joe Flacco

Flacco-like IT pros…

Rely on their experience. Flacco is a seasoned vet, which may help him in a game as important and nerve-racking as the Super Bowl, just like you who has successfully dealt with a hacking or two or a nasty virus.

Play conservatively. You take your leadership role seriously and only make risky decisions when you’re quite sure of the outcome or have no other option. Flacco can relate. He’s in the game for the long run and doesn’t want to risk an interception. So, he plays conservatively, like you, who has multiple ISPs, back-up servers off-site and carefully scripted escalation policies ensuring the business is operational at all times.

So who is your Super Bowl twin? loc

No matter your IT style, both Flacco and Kaepernick know the importance of reading the defense on the field in order to see the opportunities and execute accordingly ‒ just like smart IT pros, who proactively inventory and monitor the health of their network with GoToAssist Monitoring, quickly log issues with GoToAssist Service Desk and deliver speedy support anytime, anywhere with GoToAssist Remote Support. Are you using GoToAssist yet? If not, start your free 30-day trial today.

Now that that’s settled, who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl? (If you’re rooting against your Super Bowl twin, your secret is safe with us.)

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