GoToAssist Corporate named 2012 Product of the Year by TMC CUSTOMER Magazine

GoToAssist Corporate Wins TMC's 2012 Product of the Year Award

GoToAssist Corporate Wins TMC’s 2012 Product of the Year Award

Yes, that’s right your favorite support solution, GoToAssist Corporate, won TMC’s CUSTOMER 2012 Product of the Year Award!

The editors of TMC CUSTOMER Magazine selected companies like ours to receive the esteemed Product of the Year Awards based on overall company and product vision, leadership and diligence. TMC stated, “Product of the Year winners represent the best in the customer service industry, having demonstrated a devotion to excellence in enhancing the customer experience and driving growth in the contact center industry through their innovative products and services.”

We, the GoToAssist Corporate team, are quite honored to be recognized as delivering one of the most ground-breaking products through this prestigious award. This just reaffirms our commitment to YOU (our customer). We promise to continue to develop essential cloud-based support tools that help you and your teams deliver remarkable support experiences, lower support costs, increase rep productivity and also increase customer satisfaction and retention. And, we would also like to extend to you a “Great Big Thank You” for being our valued customer.

Are you enjoying the latest enhancements to GoToAssist Corporate?

Throughout 2012, many new, much-requested features and enhancements were added to GoToAssist Corporate. I bet most of your support teams are already using them each and every day. To experience all the latest and greatest features and functionality, just be sure you’re using the latest version of GoToAssist Corporate (version 10 build 896). You may need to contact your Citrix account manager to provide you with access.

Here’s a summary of our latest feature enhancements:

  • Fastest session times in the industry – That’s right. Get connected to your customers even quicker using phone mode.
  • Mobile device support – Support more mobile devices and their users – just as if the device were in the reps hands. Utilize chat, diagnostics, full screen-sharing and remote control capability to resolve issues on mobile devices. View our list of supported OS and models
  • HelpAlert UI updates – You’ll notice a new look and feel with new icons, functionality and menus.
  • HelpAlert Code Management updates – Connection codes are now 9 digits (formerly they were 7). This change was implemented so you can support mobile devices too. You’ll also see separate controls for Copy URL and Send Code via Email.
  • Web chat escalation to screen sharing – Begin support sessions in an easy-to-use chat interface. If needed, seamlessly escalate the chat session to a full screen-sharing support.
  • Mac OS 10.7 and higher – Deliver support with full screen-sharing control to Mac computers with OS 10.7 and higher.
  • Windows 8 compatibility –  Are you considering deploying Windows 8? Not to worry, GoToAssist Corporate is compatible.

GoToAssist Corporate is also great for delivering support through multiple channels and has several features to help expand and grow your support services. Take a look at a few different ways to use your remote support service:

Add multichannel support via chat and social media

  • Web chat support on the rise – Move over phone and email. The latest assisted support channel for customers is Web Chat, and after multiple years of growth in consumer support, Web Chat is now being adopted by enterprise support in a big way. And guess what? GoToAssist Corporate offers this functionality at no extra charge.
  • Social media support (new channel gaining popularity) – What if your Facebook visitors could request support (initiate a chat session) directly from your Facebook page? You’re now able to let your customers decide how they contact you for support, where you can take a social engagement visit directly into a chat session with one of your support representatives, and if needed, escalate it to a full screen-sharing remote support session.  

And let’s not forget about support rep collaboration tools – new collaboration technologies are enhancing support delivery in ways that were unimaginable just two years ago. Resolve customer issues faster and facilitate new employee training by leveraging the expertise of your entire support team using GoToAssist Corporate.

  • Make sure your reps are using Visible and Invisible Collaboration, where reps can assist each other during a remote support session. In addition, Session Transfer and Escalation enable your reps to seamlessly transfer a question to another rep or to the support team as a whole – very useful for escalating issues to a higher tier.

Technical support as we know it is changing! Customer demands and expectations are increasing, so it’s critical your support teams are utilizing the best technology available. Rest assured, your GoToAssist cloud-based service is the preferred choice in remote support, the worldwide bestseller according to IDC and scored highest among its competitors in customer satisfaction (4.29 out of 5) in TSIA’s 2011 survey of users of remote support products.

Not using GoToAssist Corporate? GoToAssist Corporate is a secure, comprehensive remote support solution for multi-agent support organizations. Instantly view and control customer and employee desktops without pre-installing software. Support reps can initiate support from multiple channels (webpage, chat, CRM integration, mobile devices or traditional phone and email) to connect with customers’ PC, Macs and mobile devices and resolve technical issues using screen sharing, chat, diagnostics and other useful tools. With GoToAssist Corporate, support managers can streamline internal operations and maximize efficiency, improve first-time call resolution and boost customer satisfaction. Deliver remarkable support experiences with GoToAssist Corporate. Contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives to request a demo.

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