Understanding GoToAssist Corporate “Run as a Service” and Windows UAC

What is Windows UAC you ask … Windows User Account Control (UAC) is a technology and security infrastructure introduced with Microsoft’s Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 operating systems.  Microsoft has added an extra layer of security that suspends all applications that are running as an application by the user who is logged in, and then requires the user to reply to a dialog box to either allow or cancel the action requested.   


What is Run as a Service?  Run as a Service is a feature of GoToAssist Corporate that enables you to have your remote support service run beyond the basic application level to more easily support end users. Running GoToAssist Corporate as a service and logging in as an administrator will not violate or circumvent the security model on the customer’s PC. Access is granted only if the customer is able to log in with the proper credentials of a local or domain administrator.

Did you know … GoToAssist Corporate can be run either as an application on a remote machine or as a service? Your GoToAssist Corporate account may be set by default to initially run the customer software as an application for all sessions. When the UAC dialog box appears, all software that is running as an application is suspended. You are not able to reply to the UAC dialog box and cannot continue with the session until the customer selects Continue, which can be annoying and can impact the customer service experience. 

You can now change GoToAssist Corporate setting to run as a service directly from the portal settings tab in the Online Management Center. 

Portal Settings

When “Allow run as a service” is enabled for a portal, the reps can turn on Run as a Service on when in a remote support session by simply clicking on the System tab and selecting Run as a Service.  An additional piece of software is downloaded onto that remote machine, which gives the representative even more access to the computer. 


Running GoToAssist Corporate as a service provides the following benefits:

  • Windows Vista ,Windows 7 and Windows 8: Support the customer without having their sessions limited by User Account Control (UAC)
  • Allows the representative to request and use the customer’s credentials to unlock a system or to login after a system reboot
  • Allows the representative to reboot using SafeMode
  • Send Ctrl-Alt-Delete commands to the customer’s machine
  • Permit the customer to switch user profiles without locking you out
  • Automatically reconnect to the welcome screen when the Reboot/Reconnect feature is used

If you desire to change your GoToAssist Corporate settings, view these step by step instructions.

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