How Tech Support Can Survive in a Cloud-Based BYOD World

It’s conclusive. We’ve talked to customers and read more 2013 industry reports than we can count from IDC, Gartner and Forrester. And, they all indicate that IT and customer support are in the midst of dramatic change pushing companies to rethink support

Why? Because the support burden is accelerating at a furious rate. Today there are 10+ billion mobile devices, 50 percent more applications, an infinite amount of unique configurations and more distributed workers than ever before.

Unfortunately, most IT budgets and support resources are shrinking.  How can IT and customer support teams reinvent themselves to ensure efficient and continuously improving support services delivery?

Many companies are looking to technical innovations to help them “do more with less.” One strategy is integrated toolsets, instead of relying on multiple tools for separate support functions. Indeed, IDC’s recent Tech Spotlight, “Beyond Remote Support: Delivering Unrivaled IT and Customer Support in a Cloud-Based BYOD World,” affirms there is a growing need for consolidated tools that enable support teams to be more efficient and effective.

IDC calls for a new generation of support technologies. They highlight one powerful game-changing move: the “triple play” of “all-inclusive remote support, service desk, and IT monitoring.” (Read full report)


Support personnel, says IDC, should be able to deliver fast support, initiate help desk tickets and manage all IT workflow and monitor the internal infrastructure all from one easy-to-use interface. And those tools should work from anywhere, on any device. Companies using all-inclusive toolsets will immediately experience productivity gains and cost savings.

GoToAssist Delivers a Triple Play

Recognizing this drastic need for enhanced ease and efficiency, Citrix GoToAssist now delivers integrated cloud-based support solutions. With GoToAssist’s simple but powerful tools, your tech team can provide remarkable support experiences for users ‒ no matter where they are or what device they’re on. Deliver maximum uptime to people and their devices and apps, ensure users are connected and productive and keep up with accelerating support demands. 

The GoToAssist integrated toolset combines remote support with service desk and monitoring, delivering easy access to key support functions from one interface.  All products seamlessly work together for added support efficiencies and data sharing. Customers can choose one, two or all three GoToAssist modules to remove support complexities, drive efficiencies and reduce costs. Using all three modules together makes it simple for IT pros to identify, ticket and resolve issues.

GoToAssist’s integrated “triple play” toolset includes:

baseball_triplePlayGoToAssist Service Desk:  Support teams can log and track incidents, deliver end-user self-service and manage configurations. The Service Desk tool provides a simple, intuitive way to more effectively manage IT operations and gain visibility into IT services.

  • GoToAssist Remote Support: Support teams can quickly resolve technical issues on PC, Mac and mobile devices. Deliver live assistance and support unattended servers and workstations using screen sharing, chat, diagnostics and other useful tools. Comes with free mobile apps.
  • GoToAssist Monitoring:  Support teams can proactively manage, inventory and track all IT networks, servers and services. Gain IT visibility with dashboard views of server health and performance. Inventory all IT assets, including software.

Keep up with support demands and enjoy the benefits of an integrated toolset:

  • Easily deliver multiple key support services from one simple interface
  • Avoid juggling multiple tools and duplicating data entries
  • With one-click, start a remote support session from a service desk ticket
  • Save time ‒ create service desk tickets while in remote support sessions

 Companies today need new technologies to keep pace with rising support needs and remain relevant to employees, customers and industries.

 Not familiar with GoToAssist?  Give it a free 30-day test drive today!

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