Caption Contest: 3 Sidesplitting BYOD Cartoons

By Jessica Brown

From frenetic techie parties to Zen-like problem solving, IT pros experience it all on the job. These 3 cartoons highlight the life and wild times of IT pros in the midst of the BYOD movement. Please enjoy these sidesplitting depictions, brought to you by GoToAssist — and if you would like to join the fun, enter a caption idea for any of the cartoons in the comments section. We’ll pick the best caption for each cartoon on June 1, 2013 and send the 3 winners a geektastic treat! Game on.




Enter your caption below! Rules? Yes, we got those.

12 thoughts on “Caption Contest: 3 Sidesplitting BYOD Cartoons

  1. Caption 1: Don’t get strapped down by your device.
    Caption 2: Device Freedom – Human Freedom!
    Caption 3: Living the Dream!

  2. caption #1) I thought my brother’s underpants hand-me-downs were bad, but my parents hand-me-downs aren’t much better!

  3. “Arghhh – Those were days. I was juggling like 2 devices. Nope hang on, there were 4, actually 5 on a few occasions. Geez!! Thanks to XenDesktop this NOOB is now running extra light… “”

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