Remembering Star Trek: If only we had awesome tech tools like that…

By Stephanie Brennan

Remember how your jaw dropped when you watched your first episode of Star Trek? And, can you remember all the amazing gadgets of the 24th century?

Well, Star Trek’s futuristic technologies are here and now, and they are making it easier for you to connect with customers and employees and maybe Vulcans and Klingons. Take a quick gander to see how using tools from Citrix make you a certified graduate of the Starfleet Academy.

star1Communicator: No matter what problem he faced, Captain Kirk could always use his communicator to reach the crew aboard the Enterprise, and Spock would find a way to get him out of any mess. Now everyone seems to have a communicator; only we call them smartphones.

But chances are that customers and employees don’t have your direct line. So, when technological issues arise, they may feel stranded light years away from their IT gurus. Not to worry; when you work from the cloud with GoToAssist Remote Support, you can always provide customer-initiated support at the click of a button (even on a mobile device!). You can also chat live to immediately respond to their needs.

star2Transporter: Okay, so maybe we can’t zap our bodies from one place to another, but video conferencing in high definition adds a vivid human element to your communication. Plus, you’re practically on-site when you have the ability to share a screen and share keyboard and mouse control with an employee or customer. They just won’t be able to hand you Klingon Blood Wine or Romulan Ale when you come to the rescue and save the day, unfortunately.

star3Auxiliary Control Center: The Enterprise crew needed a lot of space and dozens of screens to do what you can now do with just one computer using GoToAssist. You can even customize your cloud control center so you can better manage inventory, monitor devices and servers, control unattended computers and receive alerts with the Monitoring module. That’s a lot easier than trying to rearrange that high-tech room.

star 4Universal Translator: Ensign Hoshi Sato’s device certainly came in handy when Captain Kirk and his crew had to converse with different alien species. People are not limited to one language, and you should not be limited to one program. Your cloud-based support solution is a collaborative tool that can be integrated with other applications, including Salesforce.

star 5Phasers: With all the threats looming in outer space, Captain Kirk and his crew needed to protect themselves. Security is just as important an issue for you as it was for Starfleet. A cloud-based support solution can make your data Spock-proof with full encryption, and end-to-end authentication offers you even more protection. Viruses and hackers will be unable to breach your systems when it’s protected by Citrix technology.

While scientists continue to work on teleportation and we wait for confirmation of intelligent extraterrestrial life, better your own enterprise with a cloud-based Citrix solution. Help your business live long and prosper!

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