GoToAssist Now Integrates with Citrix XenMobile Enterprise

Easily Deliver “One-Touch” Live Support to Mobile Users

We at Citrix (and I believe you too) have one overriding goal in delivering support: we want to help people work better and live better.

Our CEO, Mark Templeton, powerfully endorsed this view in his keynote speech at Citrix Synergy 2013. He unveiled several exciting advancements in Citrix services that enable customers to go mobile with desktops, data and apps and get more done simply and securely. If you missed Mark’s keynote, watch the recording to see how our cloud solutions enable mobile workstyles.

MeatworkBut in today’s blog, I’m excited to talk about a new feature related to your favorite IT support tool, GoToAssist: its integration with XenMobile Enterprise, which was also débuted at Citrix Synergy.

With this integration, IT teams can offer “one-touch” access to live support to their end users. GoToAssist with XenMobile Enterprise ensures maximum uptime of people, applications and mobile devices. 

Just as Citrix revolutionized the support industry 10 years ago with its cloud-based IT remote support tool, we’re at it again ‒ defining the next wave of IT support by embedding fast access to support on all mobile devices enrolled in XenMobile Enterprise.

The integration will be available late June of this year with the general release of XenMobile Enterprise.

Businesses can provide their mobile employees a critical lifeline to open a ticket with their help desk or request live support directly from their mobile device.  Help desk technicians will be able to deliver complete support of mobile devices and applications with real-time troubleshooting, access to rich account and diagnostic information, screen shots and remote control and viewing of the device (where allowed by the device OS). 

With this instant on-demand support feature, GoToAssist with XenMobile Enterprise ensures that one of the most critical and indispensable business tools — the mobile device — is up and running 24/7, which also leads to increased end-user satisfaction ratings.

How can IT teams get this new feature? Citrix XenMobile products are available through our certified network of Citrix partners or can be purchased instantly online. The GoToAssist support solution is integrated directly into the XenMobile Enterprise offering. Current Citrix GoToAssist customers who are also Citrix XenMobile Enterprise customers can simply use their existing GoToAssist log-in credentials to utilize this integrated support feature.  Each new purchase of XenMobile Enterprise of 250 or more devices will include 1 free technician subscription to GoToAssist Remote Support and 1 free technician subscription to GoToAssist Service Desk for one year.  If a company needs more technician seats, they would purchase additional subscriptions (GoToAssist pricing can be found on the Citrix Price List).

Be sure to check out this new integration in late June!

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