GoToAssist Service Desk Named Finalist ‒ Favorite New Product


The Stevie® Award is one of the world’s most coveted prizes that many businesses strive to achieve each year. So, I am extremely pleased to announce that GoToAssist Service Desk has been selected as one of the two finalists in the “Favorite New Product” category. 

Since 2002, the Gold Stevie Award has been conferred on organizations and individuals in more than 60 nations for achievement in business.  And with your help, GoToAssist Service Desk can win the Gold Award on July 8. Look for an email and a blog post in early July with the People’s Choice URL so you can cast your vote for GoToAssist Service Desk. Can we count on your support?

Introduced in October 2012, GoToAssist Service Desk provides IT teams with a simple, intuitive way to effectively manage service desk operations. With Service desk, support professionals can easily log, track and resolve incidents; manage configuration changes, releases and workflow; and deliver end-user self-service. Designed to enable support professionals to intuitively follow ITIL best practices, it allows IT professionals to manage and resolve incidents quickly and efficiently without having to build standards-based processes from scratch.

The integrated support solution

With Service Desk, the GoToAssist integrated toolset now combines three key support functions in one simple interface ‒ remote support, service desk management and IT monitoring.  All three products seamlessly work together for added support efficiencies and data sharing. Imagine starting remote support sessions with just one-click from your service desk tickets. Avoid the complexity and inefficiency of juggling multiple separate tools.

  • GoToAssist Service Desk: To log and track incidents, deliver end-user self-service and manage configuration, changes and releases.
  • GoToAssist Remote Support: To deliver on-demand support to PC, Mac and mobile device users and access unattended servers and workstations.
  • GoToAssist Monitoring: To proactively inventory, monitor and manage your entire IT infrastructure, including critical servers and services.

GoToAssist Service Desk is available separately or combined with the integrated GoToAssist toolset. 

GoToAssist Service Desk performance highlights

  • Using GoToAssist Service Desk, a nationwide retail chain Noel Leeming Group reduced outstanding call backlog by 25%.  The company previously used Lotus Notes and in-house applications but was unable to manage the call volume.  After trialing Service Desk, Noel Leeming switched immediately. Set up was easy with no training required.
  • Fronde, a provider of IT services, chose GoToAssist Service Desk to replace its antiquated service desk software with a user-friendly tool that followed ITIL framework without excessive processes.  With its ease of use, feature-set simplicity and minimal training required, the team can concentrate on delivering service instead of focusing on the technology.


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