Citrix GoToAssist Service Desk Releases New “TASKS” Feature

Another useful feature was added this week to your favorite GoToAssist Service Desk tool – TASKS.  Now technicians can create “tasks” for any Service Desk record, including incidents, problems, changes, releases and knowledge articles. Creating tasks allows technicians to designate specific action items with individual assignees and due dates. Assigning a task to a user will automatically add the user to the watchlist, ensuring that they are kept up to date with any changes made to the record.


Why is this important

The new tasks feature helps teams become more efficient by enabling additional and more detailed workflows. It further enhances communication as teams will be able to determine the exact status of an item (incident/problem/change/release) just by looking at the task list, which prevents lengthy and time consuming reading through of the entire issue discussion.  Tasks can also be assigned to other individuals and have due dates.  As a result, accountability of these tasks can now be clearly communicated and captured within the tool.

But that’s not all. With our upcoming “templates” feature, tasks will be made even MORE powerful!

How to get started

Technicians can click the new Tasks tab that appears near the top of all incident, problem, change, release and knowledge article forms. This tab also displays the number of outstanding tasks associated with the record. In addition, the tab changes color according to the status of tasks: If all tasks are “Open” the tab is gray.  If at least 1 task is “In Progress,” the tab turns blue. And once all tasks are “Done” the tab turns green.

On the Tasks tab, technicians can also do the following with existing tasks:

  • Filter tasks by their assignee/reporter (All, My Assigned or My Raised), as well as their status (New, In Progress or Done) by clicking the appropriate button.
  • Quickly change assignee and due date by hovering the mouse to reveal the quick-edit view.
  • Rearrange tasks by hovering the mouse to reveal the Move icon, which can be clicked and dragged to change task order.
  • Quickly change status by clicking the Status icon in each row to cycle through the statuses: “Open, In Progress, and “Done.”

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