It’s All about the Customer: 2 Executives Reveal the Secrets of Citrix’s Success

Elizabeth Cholawsky and Scott Thompson of Citrix

Elizabeth Cholawsky and Scott Thompson of Citrix

What happens when two executives from leading IT tech company Citrix sit down with Cinda Daly of Help Desk Institute (HDI) and reveal their innermost thoughts about customer support?

You might think these two “tech geek” would be only talking about tools and the hottest tech innovations. Instead, it’s all about the customer.

Daly interviewed Scott Thompson, who leads Citrix’s global support organization, and Elizabeth Cholawsky, who leads the IT support line of business in Citrix’s SaaS division (yes, that is where GoToAssist hails from). You can read their insights in this article recently published in the September/October issue of SupportWorld.

Both executives emphasized that Citrix’s “customer-centricity” is more than an attitude. It deeply informs the tools and metrics used, along with how the company’s organized. “Citrix has developed the organizational fortitude to put ‒ and keep ‒ the customer first, no matter what,” Cholawsky declared.

Customer support is esential

Citrix executives speak out on customer-centricity.

More specifically, the two customer support executives discussed the particular metrics that keep Citrix targeted on their customers. Both noted the need to look at the customer holistically and avoid fixating on metrics like “first-contact resolution.”

When Daly asked what technical innovations will have a “lasting impact on future customer interactions,” Cholawsky expounded on the likely expansion of video-conferencing to all aspects of support and to chat forums, where an on-camera agent can speak to multiple customers at once.

Thompson pointed to Citrix’s shift from a reactive perspective to proactively identifying issues with “predictive analytics.” Citrix strives to “detect the smoke before it becomes a fire,” Thompson said. “We identify trends and issues before customers experience service degradation, and we continue to drive innovation by building that proactive predictive capability into the product.”

To get the full report on how Citrix embraces the customer-centric perspective in its technology, its metrics, of course its customer support software and its organization, download the interview today.

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