Elizabeth Cholawsky Delivers Thought Leadership at Fusion 13 Conference – “Service Desk 2.0 in 2013 and Beyond”

The service management conference FUSION 13, being held in Nashville, TN this week, addresses the needs of seasoned IT directors, service management implementers and business analysts. The conference is designed to provide fundamental concepts behind service management for both new and experienced ITSM or ITIL professionals.

On Monday, Elizabeth Cholawsky, VP and General Manager of the IT Support Line of Business here at Citrix, delivered a Service Support and Operations thought leadership session titled “Service Desk 2.0 in 2013 and Beyond.”

In this hour-long session, Elizabeth described what the service desk of the future will look like and highlighted organizations that are putting progressive IT strategies in place.  GoToAssist customer Carrie Sharp of Miller Tanner Associates was there to detail her firm’s own success story (Thanks Carrie!).

Elizabeth Cholawsky of Citrix & Carrie Sharp of Miller Tanner Associates

Elizabeth Cholawsky of Citrix & Carrie Sharp of Miller Tanner Associates

Cholawsky made the powerful argument that IT support is in the midst of dramatic change. Today, there are 10 billion mobile devices, 50 percent more applications, endless unique configurations and more distributed workers, yet the support professional has fewer resources to support users across the globe. The growing mobile workforce and the explosion of apps and devices have elevated support’s value to the business, making the support role more critical than ever.

According to Cholawsky, delivering strategic, cost-effective support has become a business imperative as higher levels of service are expected. Support organizations must now rethink how they deliver support to ensure maximum uptime and meet these higher service level expectations. Self-service, while typically more cost-effective and the channel most preferred by users, can result in lower satisfaction levels if fast answers are not found.

New strategies for mobile and on-demand support, network management and monitoring and help desk efficiency have become critical elements, as well as next-generation IT tools that streamline work processes and reduce complexity and costs.

Support organizations, Cholawsky concluded, must reinvent themselves to put these new strategies and technical innovations in place. The service desk of the future will operate anywhere, anytime and on any OS or platform; it won’t be tied to a particular location or technology.

View the presentation today!

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