Straight Outta Spiceworld

By Sam McMillan

They say what happens at Spiceworld stays at Spiceworld. Not!

Mark happy with his GoToAssist winnings at Spiceworld

Mark happy with his GoToAssist winnings at Spiceworld

Each year we travel to Austin, put on our pointy-toed cowboy boots and kick it with our friends at Spiceworld. This year we celebrated their achievements with a campaign we called Be Mighty! When we weren’t demo-ing products and handing out bacon ice cream, we spent our time listening to our customers explain what made them mighty.

Here’s just a few of the things we heard:

“Worked my way from a teller to CIO.”
‒ Mary H

“I worked 89 straight hours completing a phone system switch over.”
‒ Kevin C



“Failed contractors set up 2008 HyperV cluster. Director pulled me in and gave me a week to get it up and running. Done.”
‒ Erik S

“While camping in Big Bend, Texas, I walked a co-worker through resetting the routers for all of the corporate office.”
‒ Alex M

“User infected 2 terabytes of files with cryptolock. Spent weekend restoring data. Had everyone up and running by Monday morning.”
‒ Brent R

“Fixing servers on a ship in Africa with spare parts one month away by shipping container.”
‒ Rob H

“I give out free IT support to all my family members with a smile :)”
‒ Travis E

The GoToAssist Team @ Spiceworld

The GoToAssist Team @ Spiceworld

We think your stories are mighty inspiring and they deserve to be shared. Tell us what makes you mighty in a Tweet #BeMighty, or add your stories right here in the little comments box down below.

Thanks for all you do.
The team at GoToAssist.

Be mighty!

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