GoToAssist Unfurls “Be Mighty” Campaign — Mighty Is as Mighty Does!

By Beth O’Rourke

At GoToAssist, we think we have a mighty product. Mighty powerful, mighty effective, mighty nimble. When it came time to launch our new marketing, we didn’t have to go far to find our inspiration. We just listened and learned from our customers.

And that’s when we got our mighty on…

We saw you doing mighty amazing things every day and every night. From deep within cube farms to coffee shop table tops, we saw you putting out fires, closing tickets and delivering mighty awesome support service. And that’s why we were inspired to build a set of powerful support tools and a campaign that celebrates the amazing things you do.

Mighty cool schwag at Spiceworld

Mighty cool schwag at Spiceworld

Speaking of amazing, we want to take you behind the scenes at GoToAssist to meet some of the remarkable people on our team. Like you, they are fast, efficient, customer-focused and prone to dreaming about the next great thing that will make us better. So we produced a video that tells their story and how they help make GoToAssist a mighty powerful tool.

You’ll meet Dan Lee, senior product developer for Service Desk. Dan is passionate about “footy” and can keep a soccer ball in the air for waaay longer than any other mortal. You’ll hear from Chris Koverman, director of engineering, who is ALMOST as good as Eric Clapton on guitar. Chris, when not jamming Hendrix style, can be frequently found discussing how GoToAssist can ease the workload of your overburdened IT staff. And we’ll introduce you to Elizabeth Cholawsky, our fearless leader, a running, biking, and swimming example of how mighty is as mighty does.

The campaign is colorful, realistic and designed to support your mighty aspiration to get ahead of today’s IT support challenge and to move forward in your career. Whether we serve up bacon ice cream treats at events or how-to videos, “Be mighty!” is more than a new campaign, it’s our promise to you ‒ to help you along the way. Let us know how we can help you be even more mighty!

Elizabeth Cholawsky, Citrix VP, gets her mighty on.

Elizabeth Cholawsky, Citrix VP, gets her mighty on.

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