Game On! Who Does IT Better: Geeks or Nerds?

By Caerley Hill

Geeks, nerds, dorks, dweebs ‒ whatever you want to label the technically inclined, you can’t deny that the geek is chic or nerdy by nature culture is here.

Not long ago, it was pretty easy to spot a geek. The media helped shape the iconic tape-on-the-glasses, DND-player that we think of when someone says geek or nerd. But the IT pro has traditionally been up there among the images that come to mind for a geek or nerd. However, these days, being unconventional is cool, and smart is sexy (though we think it’s always been), giving new street cred to the smarty-pants.

So how do you tell a geek from a nerd?

Time to decide: Do you fall into the geek camp or the nerd community?

Time to decide: Do you fall into the geek camp or the nerd community?

While we can’t find any voted-on, written-in-ink guidelines, we’ve always thought a geek’s core characteristic was technical skills, while a nerd earned his or her title from social awkwardness. To us, geeks tend to enjoy heavy social sharing (it could be argued that geeks turned ‘Instagramming’ into a verb), they haven’t met an ironic graphic tee that they won’t wear and they’ve got every latest tech gadget in their back pocket and the social wherewithal to chat you up about it.

Nerds, on the other hand, tend be better listeners than loquacious contributors. They care more about academic prowess than their social status and, how sweet, they tend to love (and marry) other nerds, perhaps to preserve the academic gene pool.

This fun infographic clarifies everything

This fun infographic clarifies everything

Ultimately, there is a common link between Team Geek and Team Nerd: geeks and nerds are smart. They fix things and make things to improve our lives. So if social adeptness is where they differ, perhaps geeks are smart extroverts and nerds are smart introverts.

I’m guessing your IT team has at least a few geeks and a few nerds. When managing and providing tools for a team of both introverts and extraverts, it’s important to considering equipping them with the right tools to fit their social style.

Fortunately, GoToAssist has both introverts and extroverts covered, even in the yuckiest of IT situations, like…

  • Employing multiple, incompatible and cumbersome support tools. When your team is using a grab bag of distinct tools, the chances of their easy compatibility, effortless usability and efficient integration to speed problem resolutions is unlikely. Even for gadget-happy geeks and tech-minded nerds, this is asking for a meltdown. Instead try a powerful yet simple integrated solution like GoToAssist that offer your team impressively easy usability and immediate value.
  • Tickets are backlogged. This a common issue in IT management that can send even the most Yoda-like nerd into a tizzy. Skip the adult fit and let GoToAssist Service Desk automate instant triggers for you, immediately assigning jobs to the proper technician, letting them get on with their work of resolving tickets without delay. Nerds and geeks alike will rejoice.

For more hilarious Geek versus Nerd characteristics check out this infographic from Masters In IT. And tell us: is your IT team more geeky or nerdy?


Caerley Hill is senior marketing content specialist at Citrix and believes that the pen is truly mightier than the sword (except in cosplay). After seven years as a digital project manager/digital ninja, Caerley made the switch to content strategy and hasn’t looked back. Also an avid world traveler and backpacker, Caerley is a fan of workshifting. When she’s not working from the office or elsewhere, she spends her time doing community theatre, where she employs her ability to switch effortlessly from one worldly accent to another, all while maintaining steady eye contact. To connect with Caerley (in the accent of your choice), visit her blog ( or follow her on Twitter @EffrtlsslyGEEK

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