Powershop “Hacks” GoToAssist ‒ Lets You Search Service Desk Records by Keywords

By Rich Kaplan

Proving once again just how mighty IT pros are, longtime customer Roger Nesbitt and his co-developers at Powershop have hacked their own innovation for GoToAssist Service Desk. Called “Service Desk Pleasant Lawyer,” the app simplifies the search for records by using code words instead of digits. And best of all, they’ve made it free to IT teams everywhere.

powershopAs Roger reports, “Powershop uses Service Desk to manage the application that runs all of our backend business, customer website, mobile apps and the public website.”

Powershop’s records in Service Desk reach into the tens of thousands. “We were all struggling to remember whether we were working on 45443 or 45433. Or was it 45343?” Roger said. So he and his team got cracking on a solution and cooked up some code to use as a Google Chrome plugin. The plugin assigns each record a couple of catchy words and enables the team to conduct an easy search for the record.

Service Desk "Hack" Available from Google Chrome Web Store

Service Desk “Hack” available from Google Chrome Web Store

“Slippery cows,” “delicious ladder” or “dog anxiety” anyone?

“Now we just refer to them by their two-word name,” Roger said. “Yesterday, I was working on ‘organic coal,’ but don’t ask me what number that is! It’s also a lot easier to yell out two words across the room than a 5-digit number.”

It’s convenient to have a user-friendly name, especially for those records with a longer lifecycle, whether they are incidents, problems, changes or releases. “Adoption by Powershop staff, both non-technical and technical alike, has been pretty amazing,” Roger reports. “It’s been great seeing everyone get involved and having a bit of fun with it.”

Now you might be wondering why the tool has the somewhat strange moniker “Pleasant Lawyer.” According to Roger, those were the two very random words assigned to their first record.

Try the plugin yourself and see what useful amusement it can provide. It’s available for Google Chrome in the Chrome Web Store – simply click the “+ Free” button to install and start using it straightaway.

By the way, Pleasant Lawyer is open source, and you can access the full source code.

Way to be mighty!

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