Turkey Time: Giving Thanks Where Thanks Is Due

By Rich Kaplan

I don’t know about you, but I get a warm, fuzzy feeling when someone gives me a shout-out. Especially when the props come from a guy or gal who knows exactly what they’re talking about.

SpongeBob is no slouch when it comes to handing out the praise.

SpongeBob is no slouch when it comes to handing out the praise.

You bet it doesn’t happen that often (or not as often as I think it should), but when it does, it takes a minute or two to sink it. That’s when the warm glow starts spreading.

For those of you delivering IT services, the shout-outs and thanks are all too rare. Your work is behind the scenes, often invisible and therefore taken for granted. But it sure gets noticed (and needed) when the network is down, when bugs are skittering through an infected machine and when key tools aren’t operating at 100 percent.

That’s when there’s blame (and glory) enough for whole legions of IT technicians rushing to the rescue.

So we at GoToAssist want to give a shout-out to all the hard-working IT folks. After all, it’s almost Thanksgiving Day in the States, and we know you are some of the most awesome people on this lonely green planet.

thanksgiving-footballStart the day by watching the Green Bay Packers slam helmets with the Detroit Lions over a little chunk of pigskin. Later, take an extra helping of turkey, slosh on the gravy and maybe pile on the pumpkin pie. But most important, savor this time spent with family and friends.

And if GoToAssist can in any small way help you to relax while still staying on top of IT issues, ready to deliver essential assistance at a moment’s notice, then we’ve done our job too.

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