The 12 Days of IT Christmas ‒ from GoToAssist

During a hectic time of year, we hope this jolly video of our team singing a holiday carol will bring you a bit of joy and laughter.

Lyrics were written by our own Caerley Hill with video production by Veronica Puailoa. We’ve listed the lyrics below for your sing-a-long pleasure.

“On the 12th day of Christmas, GoToAssist gave to me,

  • 12 servers humming
  • 11 networks monitored
  • 10 tickets tackled
  • 9 computers cacheing
  • 8 custom alerts
  • 7 files transferred
  • 6 screens a’sharing
  • 5 remote support sessions
  • 4 self-service portals
  • 3 session transfers
  • 2 releases managed
  • and support for BYOD!”

12 daysHappy Holidays from the GoToAssist team!

For more information about GoToAssist or to sign up for a free trial, check out

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