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Warning! Mass Outbreak of IT Humor Ahead

By Rich Kaplan and Veronica Puailoa

Everyone knows that IT guys and gals have their own unique brand of humor. Something about working with machines and code while recognizing the enormity of human error drives the IT pro to the solaces of humor.

Living in a world where things can simply, arbitrarily go wrong without rhyme or reason would turn any sane being to drink or laughter. Luckily, IT teams usually turn to the chuckles.

However one explains this prevalence of sarcasm, wit and levity, Twitter has recently manifested a massive eruption of IT humor lately under the rubric of #FiveWordTechHorrors.

This stuff is too funny to go unmentioned. Hence we thought we’d share ten of the better witticisms here:

Bonus cartoon!

Cartoon courtesy of Flickr and ca technologies
Cartoon courtesy of Flickr and ca technologies

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