Is This the Future of Tech Support? New Beta Feature Lets IT Teams SEE Problems via Live Camera Feed

What if support technicians could visually inspect remote technical issues, not just computer software and system setups, but the actual hardware configurations?

Would IT teams then be able to identify and resolve key issues faster, accelerating productivity? Could this feature expand the long-distance reach of tech support beyond computers and mobile device to all machinery and tools?

Today, GoToAssist Remote Support, the market-leading IT tool, released SeeIt, a beta feature in its customer Android application. SeeIt streams a live camera feed during a GoToAssist Remote Support session, enabling the person needing support (the end user) to show the remote technician exactly what requires assistance. View the demo video now!

Let IT see what you see!

Let the IT professionals see what you see! Moving beyond PC & Mac screen-sharing to a new way to deliver hardware support using GoToAssist.

This new feature is changing the way we think of traditional support services. SeeIt allows the end user to use the camera in their Android mobile device to visually show the issue during a remote support session. As a result, the technician can see the problem and provide expanded support services beyond the PC, Mac or mobile device to anything that requires support.

Our thought for the SeeIt feature: if you can see it, you can fix it.

This initial beta release is only available for Android devices, with additional mobile devices to be added in the near future. The customer or person receiving support needs to have the GoToAssist Customer App installed on their Android mobile device to take advantage of this exciting new feature.

Consider these potential use-case scenarios:

  • Field Service Representative (FSR) uses their mobile device to provide the off-site experts with a visual representation of the issue when additional support and guidance is required. The FSR no longer has to take a photo, send it by text or email and wait for a call back to resolve field issues. All the expert technician needs to do is create a remote support session to connect with the field service rep and his/her mobile device can stream a live view of the issue, letting the expert technician see what the FSR sees.
  • MSPs can use this new feature to expand their support services offerings. MSPs can now offer both hardware and software support. Imagine telling your customer who is 250 miles away to show you the back of that server needing support. Quickly you can identify and resolve potential hardware issues remotely (with no travel!) by instructing the customer how to reset the server because you are now able to see exactly what your customer sees.
  • Field Support Technicians who are unable to resolve service call issues can use their mobile device to live stream the issue to their Authorized Service Center Manager for additional resolution ideas. The technicians can now show their manager what they see for expedited issues resolutions.
  • End users can use their mobile device camera to video stream anything that requires support to any support expert. (The expert must have a GoToAssist subscription or free mobile plan.) What if you could show that tricky engine part you need to your local mechanic or show that part on your computer to the computer technician thus ensuring that you purchase the correct part?

SeeIt makes supporting ANYTHING easy.

Start using the new beta feature now. Current GoToAssist Remote Support subscribers just need to log in to their accounts and begin using this feature. As support technician, you must instruct your end user or customer to download the GoToAssist Customer App on their Android mobile device. You create a GoToAssist Remote Support session to connect with your customer via their Android device. Once in session, the customer can select camera sharing or screen sharing – it’s that easy. And if needed, the customer can switch back and forth from camera sharing to screen sharing. The technician can also use chat to communicate with the customer or record the support session and, if needed, even add additional technicians to the support session.

This is a beta version of SeeIt, so we encourage any and all feedback. Send us any suggestions, comments or any other thoughts or problems by posting comments in our GoToAssist Community. We look forward to hearing from you!

How to get started:

  1. Technician using GoToAssist Remote Support creates a support session and provides the 9-digit support key to their customer via phone or email.
  2. The customer downloads the GoToAssist Customer App and then joins the support session
  3. Once the customer joins the session, they select the camera icon to share the view from their mobile device’s camera – the technician then sees what the customer sees.
  4. To get a still frame, the customer can pause the camera sharing and resume later using the ‘Pause’ button on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
  5. To stop sharing, the customer can press the camera icon again.

View GoToAssist Remote Support SeeIt FAQs to learn more.

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