Mighty Monday – How Basic Industries, Ltd. Conquered Texas from a Cloud

Mighty Mondays!By Richard Kaplan

Growing pains are a natural result of any competitive firm muscling its way into the market. The business has to go wherever there are customers. That means crossing geographical boundaries and shooting beyond comfort zones.

When your team and your customers and prospects are no longer in the same room, building or even city, you need new strategies and innovative tools. You need to be smart and flexible in finding solutions that can overcome the challenges of growth and, indeed, have the potential to accelerate your business’s communication, collaboration and tech support.

Ken Rand, head of IT at Basic Industries, Ltd. - Courtesy of the Enterprise CIO

Ken Rand, head of IT at Basic Industries, Ltd. – Courtesy of the Enterprise CIO

At least, that’s the view of Ken Rand, head of IT at Basic Industries, Ltd. His lean team confronted and solved the challenges of a business trying to scale fast and conquer, if not the globe, at least major swaths of Texas and adjoining states. They did so with the assistance of a set of cloud-based nimble communication and support tools − Citrix GoToAssist and GoToMeeting.

Headquartered in Schertz, Texas, Basic Industries provides comprehensive maintenance and new construction services to the power, petrochemical, refining, utilities and marine industries. Rand’s IT team supports about 150 office staff and field-based workers, primarily project foremen. The company employs approximately 700 people in total.

Company leadership adopted a strategy focused on geographical expansion, new services and new markets to compensate for the cyclical nature of its target industries and ensure a consistent revenue stream.

The rapid increase in size and reach of Basic Industries placed significant stress on Rand’s team and its capacity to deliver fast support and consistent uptime. Many field employees are less technologically savvy, Rand explained. They require assistance with their laptops and company-supplied Android smartphones. In the process of supporting these remote users, Rand’s team became so busy that their status reports and responsiveness suffered, causing management to question IT’s performance.



Rand implemented GoToAssist Remote Support along with the integrated Service Desk solution. With its capacity to quickly access and control remote laptops, tablets and smartphones, Remote Support reduced the time pressures and frustrations of supporting a geographically distributed work team. Now, Rand said, “we can fix the problem in a fraction of the time.”



After experiencing the gains in productivity with the GoToAssist Remote Support, Rand turned to Service Desk because it offered a way to show management the workload level and the challenges IT faced. “I take great pride in our team’s performance, but we got very busy at one point and there were a few complaints about service level. That was my catalyst for putting Service Desk to work, and it has done wonders for us.”

With the help of GoToAssist, Rand and his team can deliver superior support to staff spread across the vast expanses of Texas and the Southwest and at the same time demonstrate to management the quality of their performance. Want to learn more about Basic Industries’ success with GoToAssist? Read the case study (PDF).

Be sure to check out the video interview with Basic Industries, Ltd.

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