More Enhancements Headed Your Way − GoToAssist Corporate Customers Will Soon See “New Reports” in the Management Center

Yes, in a few days GoToAssist Corporate customers will see more enhancements within the Management Center’s Reports feature, as part of our continuing effort to simplify access to information.

Over the past 18 months, we’ve added new columns, new statuses and made improvements to the email that accompanies the (New!) reports in an effort to make them more informative, accurate and user friendly. The (New!) reports are now a complete superset of the legacy reports and present in-depth data in a better, more readable format.  

G2AC ReportsNewNew GoToAssist Corporate Reports

When logging in to Reports in the Management Center, GoToAssist Corporate account admins will notice the updated reports   they are all marked as (New!). All your old, familiar reports are still there. However, they have been enhanced with better formatting and more in-depth data.

Not to worry, if you had “scheduled or monthly reports.” We have automatically updated those reports too, so you will now receive the equivalent ‘New’ report on the same schedule.

These enhancements will be available starting January 31, 2014.

Here’s a cross-reference list of old reports and their (New!) equivalent:

Old Report names New Report equivalent
Session Detail Session Detail (New!)
Customer Survey Customer Survey (New!)
Snapshot Snapshot Summary (New!)
Snapshot Summary Snapshot Summary (New!)
Session Arrival Session Arrival (New!)
Rep Survey Rep Survey (New!)
Missed Queries Missed Queries (New!)
Connection Code Connection Code (New!)
License Usage License Usage (New!)
Login Summary Rep Login Activity (New!)
Rep Login Activity Rep Login Activity (New!)
Rep Performance Rep Performance (New!)
Session Transfer Session Transfer (New!)
Silent Monitor Silent Monitor (New!)
Manager Login Activity (New!)

New GoToAssist Corporate Resource Center

We’ve also updated the GoToAssist Corporate Resource Center Have you checked it out yet? This new resource page is designed with you in mind, as we want to ensure your experience with our remote support service is the most rewarding possible. (Bookmark it today!)

In the Resource Center, we’ve provided useful links to “Getting Started Resources,” which includes training videos, set-up instructions and useful product tips. You’ll also find quick links to our 24/7 Support Center, User Community, GoToAssist Blog, Facebook and Twitter pages. We want to make sure you have all that you need right at your fingertips!

Join the GoToAssist Corporate User Community

Have you visited the GoToAssist Corporate User Community lately?  It’s a great place to find answers and get help. Citrix experts and other GoToAssist Corporate subscribers are actively helping customers in this community. Join the user community conversations − you can view topics, ask a question, share an idea, report a problem and even give praise.

We here at Citrix hope you’re taking advantage of all the resources available for you.  Don’t see something you need?  Let us know and we’ll see about creating it for you. Simply post a comment to this blog post.

Thank you….Your GoToAssist Corporate Team

4 thoughts on “More Enhancements Headed Your Way − GoToAssist Corporate Customers Will Soon See “New Reports” in the Management Center

  1. While the new reports do appear to be more visually appealing, please do not get rid of the old ones. I find great value in the “old” Summary Detail report because the survey results are in the same line as the rest of the info about that session. We store these reports in a database-type place and using your “new” report would force us to manually move the survey results. That would be very painful.

    • Thank you for your comments. In addition to providing additional information in the ‘New’ reports, we have tried to be sensitive to existing process and have tried to maintain parity between information in all the reports. In some cases, the same data is usually in similar/same format but may be located in a different report. For example, the information you are looking for is available in the Customer Survey report. Within this report, in addition to the summary of the survey results the survey information is broken out per session ID.

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