Groundhog’s Day: How to Avoid the Tech Nightmare of Solving Issues Over and Over Again

By Caerley Hill and Richard Kaplan

“An egotistical TV personality must repeatedly relive the same day in small town Punxsutawney and be denied the girl of his dreams unless he can become more selfless.” Sound familiar?

Yep, this plotline drives the hilarious Hollywood flick “Groundhog’s Day.” But it doesn’t sound so appealing when it’s your support team that is doomed to repeat the same actions at work over and over and over and (you get the point). Yes, you could be trapped in an endless loop − answering the same tickets and dealing with identical issues − unless you can draw upon past experiences to innovate new solutions and to perfect best practices.

Gif for the movie Groundhog’s Day

Thankfully, there’s no need to rely on a fuzzy Whistle Pig to predict whether you’re condemned to repeat the past. Intuitive IT support software, like the 3 GoToAssist modules, can help you use your team’s accumulated experience to inform how you move forward.

Knowledge Base

Make sure knowledge doesn’t walk out the door. Past solutions, work-arounds and best practices should be easily available to inform team members, including trainees. No IT pro likes solving the same issue over and over again.

Luckily GoToAssist Service Desk’s knowledge base helps ensure that not a drop of your team’s accumulated wisdom is ever lost. How-to guides and videos are easy to create and readily accessible in Service Desk’s knowledge base. In addition, whenever a ticket is logged, Service Desk highlights relevant knowledge base items.

“A readily accessible web storehouse of guides, videos, how-to pages and best practices keeps my team delivering its top performance.”

-Lee Wrall, Managing Director, Everything Tech, Ltd.

Team Management

Managing a team can seem like a never-ending loop of playing catch-up, but if you use a web-based management center like GoToAssist Remote Support and Service Desk, you can easily generate dashboard displays and reports to see the full picture. Track issue status, the availability of your technicians and other crucial metrics. Get a bird’s eye view of your team’s work to ensure transparency and efficient work distribution.groundhog day


No better way to keep your team from reinventing the wheel or struggling to figure out solutions than collaboration. In a GoToAssist Remote Support session, the support technician can easily request other experts to join their session. The technician can then learn more advanced skills or best practices. Team collaboration in support sessions can ensure your technicians get the advice and support when needed and resolves the issue in one session, thus pleasing customers and clients.


Stop  issues from repeatedly derailing your projects − set up customized alerts to catch problems before they pass critical thresholds and cause serous service disruption. Using a program like GoToAssist Monitoring will help you anticipate common problems and send warnings before incidents occur. For added security, route your alerts to your mobile device so you’re always on top of issues and ensuring 100% uptime.


If you are spending way too much time on identical issues, you should try an integrated ticketing solution. GoToAssist Service Desk, which seamlessly unites with GoToAssist remotes Support and Monitoring, can detect recurrent issues and suggest easy ways for your team to resolve them. Every time an incident is logged, Service Desk calls up past incident tickets with similar characteristics and documented solutions. Recurring incidents can also be grouped as a part of a “problem” and marked for deeper investigation of underlying issues.

In order to think outside of the box, you’ve got to get your head out of the ground. Proactive management of common IT processes, issues, and tickets will free up your time and keep you from repeating past mistakes. For more info on how GoToAssist can help you stay mighty, check out our product info pages on our blog.

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