Which quarterback matches your tech style? Peyton Manning or Russell Wilson?

This year’s Super Bowl is lining up to be a showdown of old school versus new school quarterback styles.

Denver Broncos’ Peyton Manning is known as being decisive, surgical, erudite but cautious. He prefers staying in the pocket to risking being unprotected from onrushing defenders. While both QBs are experienced, Seattle Seahawk’s Russell Wilson fills the role of younger player on the field. He is extremely mobile, creative and quick to risk it all.

Together, these two quarterbacks bring a veritable trophy case to the field − with three Super Bowl MVP awards, seven Super Bowl appearances, six NFL MVP awards and four Lombardi Trophies. Needless to say, they are football powerhouses with two unique styles.

Old school vs. new school. Cerebral and cautious vs. risky and creative. These opposed outlooks are common not only on the field but in all arenas of life. More and more, different work styles and employees are competing for the same role or project lead. Both types have their benefits as well as their pitfalls.

That leads us to our big question: Which quarterback best matches your tech style?

To answer this question, our engineers have been working night and day to devise a scientific instrument to measure your core style. Please respond truthfully to the following 5 interrogations:

1. When working on a ticket that’s a bit challenging, you:
A. consider similar tickets and how they were resolved and you consult colleagues on the best course of action
B. dive in and create a new solution on the fly that’s never been tried before

2. You prefer to get your news and latest trends in the IT world from:
A. technology print magazines and other colleagues
B. up-to-the-minute online reports

3. You would rather:
A. deliver support from your office where everything is at hand, like favorite chair and vending machine
B. deliver support on the go from your mobile device, laying on the beach in the sun

4. When managing the support center, your tool of choice is:
A. a homegrown solution like excel, an oldie but has its faults
B. a new, integrated, automated toolset

5. When there’s a need to collaborate, you’re MO is typically:
A. A free-roaming, collaborative team session
B. to work on it yourself, and then escalate to the next tier via automated tasks if help is need

If you answered mostly A, join the Peyton Manning fans! You’re more likely someone that stays the course and is in it for the long haul. You typically avoid risk when possible and consider all variables before coming to a conclusion.

Photo courtesy of Mark Runyon via Flickr

Photo courtesy of Mark Runyon via Flickr

If you answered mostly B, consider Russell Wilson to be your best bet. You’re an innovator and are not afraid to take risks and try new things. You move at a fast pace and expect your team to follow suit.

On Sunday, these two colossal players will duke it out, calling on their particular skills to lead their team to victory. How will you apply these skills to your IT helpdesk?

Be sure to check out this infographic to find out other classic cultural icons to whom you might have a deep affinity.

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