SeeIt and Believe It: Tech Pros Talk Up Streaming Live Camera for Remote Support

By Rich Kaplan

Judging by the flood of comments on our tech community forum, our new GoToAssist SeeIt beta feature might just be a remote support game changer. It’s certainly captured a few eyeballs.

Showing just how mighty innovative they are, IT pros are piling on novel suggestions for this new tool. SeeIt delivers live camera streaming so support technicians can visually inspect remote technical issues, not just computer software and system setups, but the actual hardware configurations. (SeeIt is a feature of the GoToAssist app for supporting Android mobile devices. Learn more about SeeIt’s technical specifications.)

Watch this “eye-opening” video on how SeeIt works:

But enough from me. Feast your eyes on these reviews from IT pros and their mighty suggestions for SeeIt uses and enhancements:

“I just downloaded the app to my work mobile and tested SeeIt. It rocks! A slight lag but no more than would be expected when streaming live video from a mobile phone. It is exactly what my team has been needing, especially for our end users that can’t install or run any remote support apps on their computers. I’ve already booked a meeting to get my team onboard to use SeeIt!”
−        Kevin

“Super idea! However as most sessions probably start on a pc-to-pc (or Mac) basis, it would be extremely useful if the expert could ask (by phone or chat) the client to switch on his mobile phone camera and somehow easily connect its video stream to the session that is already running.”
−        ebak

“We were able to use this new feature with a customer that had a new hard drive replaced and we did not have internet connectivity yet to control the computer. We used the Android app to walk the customer (3-hour drive away) to help them set it up in less than 5 minutes”
−        1 on 1 Technologies

“I am definitely interested in this new feature.”
−        Bill Thrash

“Allow techs to press the pause button: This feature would be very useful for diagnosing quickly moving parts, the sequence of flashing lights and much more. A buffer of a few (5-10) seconds would probably satisfy the need.”
−        ebak

“Very excited about the feature and already tried out the GoToAssist customer app on my own Android phone.”
— Brad Otto Jr., P3C Technologies

“This has potential for me as I often talk end users through procedures, especially in ‘emergency’ situations where they have to swap in a spare device at their site. I’ve been a GoToAssist customer since the beta days. Saving trips into Manhattan is a tremendous time and expense saving for me and my clients.”
−        Richard Brooks, Molroy Technologies

Join the conversation. We’d love to hear your experiences and “eye-deas” for our beta feature SeeIt.

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