Service Desk – A GoToAssist Love Story

By Rich Kaplan

Man and machine − can they find love and harmony? The new movie Her suggests that the relationship can pull on our heartstrings and even involve a tang of lust.

But for IT pros, the relationship is different. We live among machines, support them, use them and maybe even breathe them. We swing between irritation when the tool is slow and glitchy and contentment when the tool is a fluid extension of ourselves, amplifying our powers to understand tech issues and speedily resolve them. Then, the tool becomes our dependable go-to tool. It’s the one we turn to almost without thinking, knowing it will fit the palm of our hand and our need of the moment.

GoToAssist Service Desk has always aspired to be that go-to tool. We strive to marry extreme usability with robust power so that our tool becomes the one you instinctively click on in times of need.

That’s why we want to point out our brief on 6 key Service Desk features that might make you swoon. Take Service Desk’s email integration for example. Your users may prefer or be used to sending in emails whenever a tech issue plagues them. With the Service Desk integration, the email is automatically turned into a ticket and put in the queue for your technicians’ attention.

Moreover, the user automatically receives an email notifying them their incident has been logged. The service can be set so that future updates to the incident, such as issue resolution, also automatically send a notice and even a survey to the users. It effectively eliminating tedious work for your team, like manually logging the ticket, and your users are sure to be pleased at the speed of your response.

Check out the full list of 6 mighty useable features here. And if there are other key features that you’d love to see in Service Desk, join the discussion in our community forum, where IT pros are debating what new features might just make their hearts go pitter-patter.

Or talk to us live and in the flesh about your help desk. The GoToAssist team will be chilling at Pink Elephant’s 18th annual IT service management conference in Las Vegas, February 16-19. Stop by our booth or attend the mighty panel presentation of GoToAssist’s very own Dan Lee.

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