Mighty Monday – Are You a Manager or a Leader? Take the Harvard Test

Mighty Mondays!By Veronica Puailoa

Being a manager can sometimes seem synonymous with being a leader, but the two are not necessarily mutually inclusive. Being able to measure results is a hallmark of any mighty manager, but by counting your value are you truly leading your team?

Harvard Business Review recently developed 3 tests that reveal if you are a mighty leader in addition to being a manager.

One test, for example, highlights the difference between “counting value” versus “creating value” within an organization. Many IT managers focus on increasing first-call resolution, minimizing the time per incident and increasing the ROI for the company. These metrics of success, however, are often affected by micromanaging. Every time an IT manager halts the progress of one of their reps, productivity is halted and value is lost. By micromanaging you run the risk of counting value instead of adding it.

In contrast, according to Harvard Business Review, “leaders focus on creating value, saying: ‘I’d like you to handle A while I deal with B.” He or she generates value over and above that which the team creates, and is as much a value-creator as his or her followers are. Leading by example and leading by enabling people are the hallmarks of action-based leadership.’”

So next time you’re meeting with your team, ask yourself: “are you a leader or a manager?” Be sure to check out the full report by Harvard Business Review and take the remaining 2 tests to see if you are a mighty IT leader.

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