Mighty Monday – Technical College Tech Team Tackles Mission Impossible

By Rich Kaplan

Early in 2013, Chippewa Valley Tech College handed its tech team a mission. After inadequate service from two successive IT support providers, it was up to the in-house team to prove they could deliver support to and satisfy CVTC’s 20,000 students, faculty and staff.usethisone

To complicate this mission, Karin Rassbach, manager of user services, and her team inherited an outdated, overly complicated help desk solution. With the old tool, Rassbach explains, “It took 33 clicks to complete a password reset.”

When times get rough, the tough go… shopping?

Accepting the mission, Rassbach knew it was time to equip her lean team with state-of-the-art technology. Simplicity was high on her list of desirables. Rassbach sought easy tools that would start delivering value from day one and wouldn’t bog her team down with implementation, training and upkeep.

Definitely on the list of must-have tools was remote support software. After all, the CVTC team needed to assist end users spread across 11 different locations in western Wisconsin, including innumerable offices, apartments, libraries and quite a few Starbucks. Rassbach’s team selected GoToAssist Remote Support. But once they learned this cloud-based tool was seamlessly united with an IT service management program, the team gave a solid look to GoToAssist Service Desk and was persuaded by its promise of adding clarity, ease and efficiency to the handling of incidents and broader rollouts and upgrades.

MI headshotMaking it count from day one

Working with the Citrix account manager, the CVTC IT team completed a stress-free implementation of the Service Desk and Remote Support modules, going live in May 2013. “People were able to start using the modules the next day. The tools are very easy to use and required minimal training,” Rassbach says.

Rassbach soon took advantage of the enhanced overview she gained through report and dashboards on a multitude of essential support metrics. The data is helping her team make better-informed business decisions and justify them to senior management. “Our administration loves numbers and data,” Rassbach notes.

“The data showed that the four or five regular help desk staff members, who were part-time workers without benefits, were doing a phenomenal job. They were resolving 80 percent of incidents, as opposed to the outsourcing companies, which simply escalated incidents to our IT teams and distracted them from important projects and process improvements. As a result of Service Desk documentation, management agreed to change the help desk positions to full time with benefits.”

“We have reduced costs and streamlined processes with GoToAssist, but the most significant value is higher user satisfaction. I can already state without a doubt that satisfaction among offsite students, faculty and staff has gone up because of the ease of use and fast incident resolution of Remote Support.”

For Rassbach, what once seemed like mission impossible is now mission accomplished!

To learn more about Chippewa Valley Technical College’s implementation of GoToAssist and its benefits, read the full case study.Mighty Mondays!

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