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7 Tips for Successfully Supporting from Anywhere

By Veronica Puailoa

According to TSANET, “In an effort to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs companies have turned to remote support solutions to support customers and products.” Not only are customers starting to work remotely on their own devices, support technicians are starting to workshift as well, delivering support from their Air iPads, Nexus 5s and other stunning tech toys.

In celebration of telework week, we’ve decided to share some tips for supporting your customers away from your office desk. Whether you are getting outside to enjoy the spring weather or sipping hot chocolate at a café to escape the cold, we’ve got best practices for staying productive.

Giorgio Montersino via Compfight cc
Giorgio Montersino via Compfight cc

When working outside…

  • Stay plugged in. If you want to soak up to sun while unlocking a user’s password, be sure to pick a spot that has a secure Wi-Fi connection. If the pool is crowded with mobile users with the same inspiration, consider bringing your own personal hotspot with you.
  • Choose your work spot. If you’re easily distracted when you deliver superior tech support, choose a spot outside that won’t offer tempting interruptions. Opt to set up your Wi-Fi hotspot under a shady tree away from that enticing game of Quidditch on the soccer field.

When working from home…

  • Organize your space. A tidy space is a productive space. Make sure you pick a spot that is clear of clutter so you can get your mind in the game and start supporting with ease. (Check out our blog next week for tips on spring cleaning your office.)
  • Remove distractions. Click off the television in the background so you can devote yourself to the task at hand. Don’t let that pile of laundry or dirty dishes get your attention either. Those things can wait; they’re not going anywhere.
  • Get dressed. When you don’t have a commute in front of you or colleagues to meet, it can be difficult to transition from the personal “you” to the professional “you.” Taking the time to get dressed and have a proper breakfast in the morning can help to mentally prepare you for a productive work day at home.

When working from a coffee shop…

  • Stay charged. Make sure you have your power cord or a secondary battery source for your mobile device or laptop. The worst killer of productivity is getting in the groove and having to stop because you ran out of power.
  • Pack the right stuff. Make sure you have all the accessories you’ll need to get the job done. Remembering to bring the essentials like headphones can be a deal breaker for a successful workday at the local coffee shop.

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