Mighty Monday – How to Dress for Tech Success

Mighty Mondays!By Caerley Hill

So you’re a mighty IT guy or gal who makes technical miracles happen. When it comes to performance, you are at the top of your game, but is what you’re wearing saying the same thing?

The traditional IT wardrobe supposedly consists of ironic t-shirts and iconic sneakers, not power suits. And while a more relaxed style of dress has been embraced in the modern office, how you dress tells others if you are business casual or just business confused.

Like it or not, clothes make the IT man or woman, and what you wear to work says a lot about where you want to go in your career. It’s not just about dressing a specific way, it’s about considering the audience that you’re dressing for. The Harvard Business Review notes that 37% of professionals believe that if you don’t dress like a leader then you will not be promoted to a leadership role.

Use these simple style suggestions to make sure that you’re dressing like the mighty IT person you are.

1. Consider your audience. To give the right impression at work, make sure you consider the people you will be interacting with. For example, just because you support customers online with a remote support tool that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look like the skilled pro you are. Your coworkers and managers will take notice if you take the time to appear professional.

2. Be wary of trends. Let’s be honest, not everyone can rock a pair of harem pants. And while you might be using a hot service like GoToAssist Monitoring to track performance behind the scenes, your super trendy outfit could be seen as merely attention grabbing in a professional office setting. Keep things classy by stocking your wardrobe with timeless pieces that say, “Look at me. I’m a professional,” not an outfit that screams, “Look at me. I need attention!”

3. Build from the ground up. You might not be in the office every day if you’re using a tool like GoToAssist Remote Support, but for the days you know you’re going to be on your toes make sure you’re prepared. A great pair of shoes not only look snappy, they are also your support system for navigating the office.

4. Looks to avoid. Mighty IT technicians should be wary of looking super casual by wearing baseball caps, sneakers, funny t-shirts or shorts and sandals as they can be perceived as “sloppy.” Strong colognes and perfumes might also be off-putting to coworkers and clients with sensitive sniffers.

When it comes to dressing for work we may have a closet full of choices these days, but if you are looking to move your career forward and make the right impression you need to dress the part. For more ideas on how mighty IT pros can advance their careers, check out our white papers on IT career development.

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