4 Tips to Getting That Promotion

By Veronica Puailoa

Everyone would love to get a bump in their paycheck, but most people don’t know where to start. Getting a promotion doesn’t have to be rocket science – just take a few steps in the right direction and that raise may be closer than you think. Whether you’re starting out in an entry-level technology position or waiting next in line for that CIO title, following the tips below will help you climb that daunting corporate ladder.

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Be proactive, not reactive
Don’t wait for your manager or boss to give you more responsibilities. Take the initiative and seek out new projects and duties. As TechRepublic explains in their guide 50 Things You Need to Know to Be a Top IT Pro, “It will show that you’re prepared to tackle a larger or more complicated workload and aren’t just looking for a bigger office and fatter paycheck.”

Show them the numbers
It’s easy to talk about how great you’re doing, but until you can demonstrate your value to the company with concrete data, you’re just tooting your own horn. Through the course of your work, TechRepublic recommends that you “prepare documentation showing how and how much your brilliant ideas have helped them.”

Learn new skills
When that opportunity for an industry certification crosses your desk, don’t immediately trash it. Spend the time to learn skills that are applicable outside of your current position. When you have the chance to learn something new, take advantage of it. This will show your manager that you’re prepared for new roles and responsibilities.

Be the best in your role
This might seem like common sense, but excelling in your current position can be the best way to prove you are ready for a new challenge. But be warned: make sure you’re not irreplaceable and that there are others who can also keep things running smoothly. According to the TechRepublic guide, “This will show your superiors that you can be a proper leader, and it will help curtail the disastrous response to a request for promotion: ‘I’m sorry, but you’re doing such a great job. We just can’t afford to lose you where you are now.’”

For a full list of tips to getting that mighty promotion, be sure to check out TechRepublic’s paper 50 Things You Need to Know to Be a Top IT Pro.

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